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Posted Tue Mar 25th, 2008 1:31pm Post subject: Depression
I’d rather disappear, than live in despair,
The black days are continuous,
And will continue until I’m there,
Where you get to sleep forever,
And never have to face another day,
Where the body rots and starts to fray,

To have no more worry,
And never say again, I’m sorry,
But I’ll say it one last time,
Before my bell starts to chime,
Please forgive me my crimes,

I know there is more to gain,
But I can’t continue in constant pain,
I’d rather just fade away,
Than just continuing to stay,
With a false smile on my face,
It must be time to leave this place,

Why does life show you love?
Then make you fuck it up,
Why does it have to be so cruel?
Why is it all such a duel?
You continue to climb,
But it can never be high enough,
Before life throws you something rough,
And puts you further down,
And embraces your face with a frown,

I continue to look for the light,
But all I can see is black night,
A vast empty void,
Where once there was a boy,
My very soul died long ago,
Its time for the body to have its go,
To put them both to rest,
Can surely be for the best,
In a place where I can no longer cause pain,
The world can but only gain,

There is no place for a soulless man,
In this vast expansive land,
When there is nothing left but an empty body,
How can you learn to love somebody?
I have tried and failed,
Now its time to for me to set sail,

So I’ll take this time to say goodbye,
And hope that it doesn’t make you cry,
For, I’m not worth the hurt,
As I’m sure you can understand,
This life was meant for a better man,
But know that I will cry,
On the day I come to die,
For then I truly will be happy,
To be rid of this unforgiving existence,
Laying in the darkness of eternal bliss.

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