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Posted Mon May 6th, 2013 10:37pm Post subject: Didn't It Rain - By Mr. Hugh Laurie

Just wanted to let everyone know (if you didn't already know) that the second album from "Professor Shiny Scalp" was released today!
Mr. Laurie introduced me to Blues music with his first album, Let Them Talk, which completely changed my view of a genre I had previously not even considered listening to. The ITV documentary on Sunday, 'Hugh Laurie - Copper Bottom Blues', showed Hugh's passion for this music and I found his enthusiasm infectious, so I will be buying Didn't It Rain tomorrow!

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Posted Wed May 8th, 2013 5:32pm Post subject: Didn't It Rain - By Mr. Hugh Laurie

Omg yes! A thousand times yes!

I downloaded the Deluxe Edition from iTunes, LOL.

Not to come across as an unhinged fanatic, lol, but I may have had a top-ten list of songs I was hoping would be on his new album. One of them was 'Shadrack' by Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and I could hardly believe it when the TITLE of his new album turned out to be a Sister R. Tharpe song! I like to clean my flat to Tharpe singing 'Didn't It Rain' (it's very bouncy and motivational!)

Did you see his documentary on ITV the other night? I finished work at 9:30, and told my boss, 'I really can't stay back - I have plans to watch Hugh Laurie.' Then on the way home I got accosted by a group of young men, one of whom stripped naked in front of me, and all I could think was - damn you, you naked fiend, you're standing (naked) in between me and Hugh Laurie's documentary!

It was so lovely, the bit with Stephen Fry watching Hugh rehearse on the Queen Mary and all the 'Professor Shiny Scalp' stuff, LOL!

I must admit, I've also become a bit of a Sista Jean McClain groupie, hehe - I now follow her on Twitter and Facebook

And, excitement of all excitements, Hugh and the CB Band are coming to GATESHEAD on their tour! I'm so there

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