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Posted Sun Oct 21st, 2012 5:17pm Post subject: "Divine Destiny" - A shortish story, the result of too much time!

Erika was an unusual girl. She didn't seem to fit in. Not like the other girls around her. They seemed content with their lives; Erika always yearned for more.

Her family criticised her. They told her she needed to start living in the 'real world' and not the apparent fantasy one which she seemed to have created for herself.

She didn't care. She had much more fun in her fantasy world. Where things would be great for her friends, they were positively jubilant for Erika! The school she attended was situated right at the top of a steep hill, in a particulary sedate little and remote African village.

The tempo of this village was a good few beats slower than the previous town she lived in only recently. She hadn't wanted to leave. She was happy. However she was not given a choice in the matter. Who even listens to a twelve year old anyway? She thought to herself. My opinion counts for nothing, nothing at all.

Her brother Gregory on the other hand was excited at the prospect of relocating many many miles away. So as he was happy. Everybody must be happy, right?

Wrong. This is the reason Erika emerged herself completely in her own little world. No one could harm her here. She could at least try and be happy in this world. Couldn't she? Yes she would try.

Music was a major escape for her. She loved nothing more than listening to the lyrics of her favourite songs in depth. Whilst all the time trying to ascertain what the individual songwriter was feeling at the time their pen was put to paper. The time where their innermost thoughts and feelings were displayed for the world to witness.

Erika was very much drawn to the more emotional songs. The more heartbreaking the song, the more she was lured towards it. Almost like a moth to a flame you could say.

This particular school she now attended was very strict. Possibly even stricter than the last one. She had not bargained for that. She didn't think that could be possible; yet it was.

The discipline was dynamic. Nevertheless she spent her time at school wisely. She was a diligent pupil who adored the subject of English. She excelled at this subject. On the contrary she detested Mathematics. Probably because she was terrible at it. She had no love for numbers at all. Not her strongest point really.

She was also frightened to death by the Mathematics Teacher. This didn't help matters; her marks reflected this. A+ for English, D for Mathematics.

"I don't care for Maths anyway, so I'm not worried" she would say to herself. She wasn't that good a liar though. She secretly envied her classmates who scored highly in Maths. When the marks were read out in class, she felt a failure.

The years passed. She still dreamed daily; almost wished her life away. Her mother and father didn't understand her at all. If only they knew it's because they made no attempt to understand her. She could have been invisible for all they cared.

Most days were spent in the haven of her bedroom. Her very own personal Kingdom. Her room of private and sacred treasures. One day she was a Teacher, the next she was an Actress. More often than not though she was a Nun.

Yes you read that right: a Nun. She marvelled at the thought of serving God for all eternity. It was her innermost passion. This took amateur dramatics to an entire new level! This is how she could escape the pain of her lonely life!

God help anyone who dared to intrude into her 'religious chambers'; she didn't react very well. It was a complete intrusion of privacy to her. They didn't care about her, therefore they had no right to barge their way into her haven. No right at all. This caused tension. She did not care.

She could hear her Mother tell her Father in a somewhat serious tone "she is getting older now, she wants to be alone".

More years passed. What does Erika do now? Well she spends her days in a convent in the Vatican City. She stayed true to her dreams; intently followed them. She owed it to herself, she felt.

The reflection in the mirrow now pleases her. The black and white habit seemed to suit her so well. The shining silver cross made her heart swell with pride. She was glad to have made her sacrifices. She felt honoured to serve God. This is what she was put on this earth for after all. It felt the right thing to do.

Her family have since disowned her. They felt ashamed of her. They are presently living in suburban heaven. So they are now in complete entity of one another. She really didn't care. She was free from their clutches at long last. She was living out her dreams now.

Yes you could say this was her Divine Destiny:)

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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