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Posted Wed Sep 9th, 2009 12:11pm Post subject: DNA - It's in the jeans

"Andrew Sampson describing the birth of Donald"

He asked "So what are we recording tomorrow?" and I said 'The eclectic series on varied subjects'.

"Oh yes, right, well I have a better idea" *Gulp* from me.

He then told me all about the lovely Donald Trefusis and the series he'd like to put together.

Well that was pretty cool...a treasure hunt adventure of sorts with clues? You couldn't get a better idea for a series for voice starring Stephen Fry. Especially a home grown one!

I asked 'Have you written the first epsiode?'

"No, so you'd better go and I will".

That was 8.30am and by 10am the next day, Episode 1 had been written and we were in the studio ready to record it.

Does anybody else recognise this scenario? It's the identical twin of Hitchhikers genesis And our hero is currently on screen with Mark Carwardine tracking down furry animals. Plus La Fry is well over 6ft tall.

The spirit of Douglas Noel is alive and well, tho this incarnation appears to be rather harder working

[edit] ummmm.... I'm new here. This is prob best put in General Musings?

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