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Posted Sun Jun 8th, 2008 11:56am Post subject: does anyone know when this america project starts?
I read somewhere that the series was going to be accompanied by a book which I just assumed was going to come out just after the series air like they do with Michael Palin's and I'm sure Stephen Fry said in one of his podgrams that the series was going to be five episodes long. That's all I know really.

EDIT: On Wiki it says:

He has filmed a six-part travel series entitled Stephen Fry in America for broadcast in 2008.[16] A five-part companion series, More Fry in America, has been commissioned for BBC Four; it will feature in-depth essays that Fry couldn't include in the former documentary because of time constraints.

I guess that means the second series "More Fry..." will be an extended look at all the places he's been and will be covering in the first series.

Assuming direct control...

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