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Posted Mon Dec 3rd, 2007 4:38pm Post subject: Don't suppose anyone will take any notice...
Amyl - No matter how close you are to an ex there will always be that part of them (and possibly you) that thinks 'this is my ex' and any form of 'bonding' will be treated with a pinch of salt and at arms length. Sometimes it's not conscious. It's just instinct.

At the time of the phone conversation we hadn't split up but it was shortly before. Our relationship just wasn't working by that point and he was probably wanting to end it as much as I was at the time of the phone call. I couldn't go on like that. I tried talking to him about call again after we split and he listened this time. It still feels a bit weird not being with him. We'd been together nearly six years. But I do not feel sad at all. The opposite actually.

In a positive way, amyl, it might have been time for it to end - which is shown in your own reaction of not feeling sad about it. For whatever reason some relationships change into something else; friends into lovers, Lovers into friends, Lovers into enemies... some even work better when they change, some dont. You may turn out to be great friends in time, him supportive of you and you supportive of him. He may start to sit up and listen more aswell when he realises you arnt always there... hopefully it will work out for ya in the positive x

Maybe it will work out positively. I guess only time will tell. I do think you're right, it was the time for it to end. It felt different for a long time and not in a good way. Like we were just hanging on.

Assuming direct control...

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