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Posted Tue Mar 20th, 2012 5:33am Post subject: downunder trying not to be backward?

I am posting a copy of the PM I sent to an admin in the hope of some Fry-net support... but I realise this may be as effective... disregarding my englastic butcherings (afterall we don't really speak the queen's english in oz)... the key thing is to vote at the link provided to ensure oz allows marriage between any loving couple...

I am hoping that as the poster of the rules, you are active, and able to forward a message to our beloved master tweeter....Stephen Fry (Mr).
In australia, we are having a little problem with correct interpretation of the spirit of marriage - to the effect that currently celebrants are not permitted to join some couples (presumably due to being the wrong race or gender or such like - well, maybe it is only gender, but the spirit is the same).
The government (well, a few decent members of) are trying to correct the current mis-interpretation... and have set up a survey of australian people to get a sense of the public view... currently the responses are more than a little unnerving - one can only hope that the tooth fairy believing minorities (and lovers of other fictions) have organised themselves on this issue..
All very interesting, but how can Stephen help you ask (assume you are still reading)?...
He has quite a large following the etherverse including (but not limited to) people in this big brown country (australia)... If he were to post the link:
and suggest that australians, if not worldians, who care might like to let the australian government know 'what time it is' so to speak.
Sadly when I last looked at the poll, more than 65% percent of people who took the poll, considered it quite right to include discrimination in their marriage vows... I am a more than a little uncomfortable with this, and find my marriage devalued by the institution being given to such outrageous behaviour. I am not aware of any reason (outside of the hearsay of fictional characters (I believe that santa claus has been claimed to have out-lawed inter religion marriages)) that could possibly justify this offensive interpretation of the marriage ceremony..
Could we please have Stephen's extraordinary weight (no offence meant) behind this, and tip the poll back into the morally correct position...
thank you (and please redirect me if this is not your cup of tea)

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