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Fourth Feline


Posted Mon May 14th, 2007 1:49am Post subject: Dysthemic Disorder
Just thinking. Dis the health system in the UK, but there is much good being done as well.
Where I live, out of pocket change to the shrink runs about $200 per hour. Health insurance usually covers 20 sessions, but the doc or therapist must come from a list they provide, and it can be hit or miss. The best doctors, as these things go, prefer to run their own business, and so we ( I ) pay. An added advantage is your privacy is legally protected.

I personally agree and am grateful for our NHS. Yes, things are not perfect and sometimes appointment waiting times are longer than I would prefer, but when I get there I see a very skilled Consultant for free and then get all my medications at a low price :

( i.e one of mine costs about £150 per month and I only pay less than £7 - even less with an annual pre-payment certificate ).

All this means I get thousands of pounds worth of drugs per year for one payment of about £95.

the G.P I have is an absolute gem and she is 'free' too.

We are indeed lucky.

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Posted Mon May 14th, 2007 6:10am Post subject: Dysthemic Disorder
In either case, there are competent and caring people for all of us. Counting blessings despite the ticking metre.

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