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Posted Fri Aug 22nd, 2008 1:46am Post subject: Enjoyable book
I moved, main reason why I have been away from the site for a bit... watching Jeeves and Wooster on PBS the other night reminded me I havent been here for a bit.. Anyhow I checked out from the Book mobile ( which is actually in a building) Funny Letters and Famous Poems by Charles Osgood. Many funny things in there but here is a short one between Oscar Wilde and James Abbott Mcneill Whistler,
Talking about Punch the magazine- who noted they had been gossiping about Sarah Bernhardt,
Wilde- Punch too ridiculous, when you and are together we never talk about anything but ourselves
Whistler- No, No Oscar you forget, When you and I are together, we never talk about anything but me.

Worth a read

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