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Posted Wed Jul 16th, 2008 6:47pm Post subject: EPISODE 4
:-// downloaded episode 4, i always listen at night when the children are in bed, i have to listen to all of it as i fall asleep half way every night not that its boring in any way at all your voice is so soothing and i miss the wonderful english accent after living in dublin for 9 years, now i can hear you every night on my ipod. even my three year old seem to want to listen it sends him to sleep too. then the next week or so after we were watching QI and he said mummy thats the talking man! i knew what he meant. great stuff mr fry your fab!! from me jenny and thomas my dublins fair city.

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Posted Tue Jul 22nd, 2008 8:12pm Post subject: EPISODE 4
I love the BBC. I would have its baby if I could. If I watch many more re-runs of Jonathon Creek and QI on YouTube I just might.

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Posted Fri Sep 5th, 2008 11:03am Post subject: EPISODE 4
I listened to Stephen's rather shy preface to Podgram 4 with a little nervousness...

A speech? - Not only that, but a speech on the BBC!

But I started listening, and found myself doing that old gent impression - nodding in agreement to your defence of the BBC...

By the end it was all I could do to stop myself popping £10 in an envelope and sending it off to the dear impoverished institution!

Seriously, It was a very good speech - and besides it being a righteous diatribe it was also a nice warm meander down memory lane. The only part I took a little exception to was terming the work of Kenneth Williams as 'filth' - though I *think* you made the quip with some tounge in cheek fondness?


I do worry more about Channel 4 - I think it has done some good things. Film 4 has supported some very good British work which otherwise would not have seen the light of day. But I take the point that in order for it not to lapse into a broadcaster of freak shows it could do with some public funding to ensure it persues some more worthy content creation.

Finally, I was very impressed by Mr. Fry's obvious knowledge of New Media and the distinction between broadcasting and narrowcasting. He (or YOU if you ever read this) does come across as rather old school but it's nice to know that people of our age can still be hip to the technology!

....That didn't quite come out as I meant! It is supposed to be a compliment

Episode 4 - Made me proud we have a instution like the BBC that we feel we have to defend!

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