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Posted Wed Nov 19th, 2008 2:52am Post subject: Episode 4
In very much the same way I've dipped into Doctor Who, I quite like this man who's not The Doctor.

Or, actually, my professional geekery aside and upfront apologies to the OED Zounds my typing is cursed by... And let's face it, elipsis is as far as I get without any recourse to Usage & Abusage.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Fry USA episodes I've watched; despite the feeling of "He's been flown there in a cab and the BBC paid the billl so that he can comment on things that, albeit brief, leave you with a warm feeling inside."

Beautiful, Mister Stephen Fry.

That was a sentence.

In many ways sycophantical but also true. Philosophers have bled over that question, or not become so egocentric.

So my egocentric view on Stephen's take of America is[...] it's interesting/good/interesting/good and that's the same here. Bar the two times I was in the US.

First time; work, 3 weeks, in LA, stayed in the Hilton seven years ago. Second time stayed in the most amazing guest house in Chicago back in March.

I still don't get America now, pretty much in the same way I don't get the nuances of the English language.

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