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Posted Tue Nov 18th, 2008 4:23pm Post subject: Episode 6
There is extra material on the dvd with unseen footage.
Quoted from the dvd:
"Disc 1: 'Left Right Center' Dice Game in Eastport, Maine. Whale talk with author Nathaniel Philbrick in Nantucket. Pilgrim Father on the Mayflower at Plymoth Rock."
"Disc 2: The Peabody Duck Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Judd and Art Finkelstein's Garage Winery, Napa Valley. Oyster fishing with John Tesovic in the bayous of Louisiana."
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Posted Tue Nov 18th, 2008 5:38pm Post subject: Episode 6
I loved how excited Stephen was when he got to shoot the gun.

I'm impressed, he fired that with one hand.....not sure if he hit anything, but impressed none the less.

And that was his shattered arm, too. In the book, he said he missed the target the first few times, then hit it.

those are SOME ARMS!

why's he say his body's good for nothing? c'mon!

"HELLO I'M TACTILE !" is an anagram of my name

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Posted Tue Nov 18th, 2008 5:57pm Post subject: Episode 6
One thing I noticed in the segment in Hawaii...

Stephen is really tall... something like 6'5", but that private detective looked quite a bit taller than him! That guy must have been a giant!

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Posted Tue Nov 18th, 2008 5:57pm Post subject: Episode 6
Love episode because I know most of the places he went to (except Alaska). And it started in San Francisco.

Small nit-pick, in the opening on the cable car he said the body of water you could see behind him was the Pacific, actually its the San Francisco Bay, From street level you can't see the Pacific from downtown cause of all of those hills. But it did look pretty.

Any survey that says only half of the student at UC Humbolt smoke pot tells me that around 50% lied on the survey.

Why, oh why, show the world the loons who think bigfoot is real.

Alaska - someday I will make it to there, but it will be in July. And there is no reason in the world to go to Barrow. It's freezing in the summer.

Then there is Hawai'i. Oh I want to go to Hawai'i again, and eat kalua pig, sit on a beach, watch locals doing hula (cause they actually do it-not just for tourists), oh the peace and quiet. What a great place to end it. Stephen on Waikiki, in his Hawai'iian shirt was so cute.

Can't wait for the DVD's.


"I'm from New Jersey, if the world ended today, I'd adjust" - John Gorka

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Posted Tue Nov 18th, 2008 9:55pm Post subject: Episode 6
ive really enjoyed the series also its a pity it wasnt on for longer i think stephen did a very good job of it all , i too will look out for the dvd worth the watch all over again

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Posted Wed Nov 19th, 2008 7:21am Post subject: Episode 6
What a lovely series. Definitely fun and interesting to watch, if not as informative as it could have been had it been 12 or 13 episodes instead of 6. Oh well, I suppose Mr. Fry achieved his goal of simply showing how diverse and rich the American culture and landscape are. From Italian goodfellas in the steel canyons of New York City to the whale-hunting Inupiat of Barrow, Alaska, it's hard to believe they're all part of this one nation, even for an American.

Now at the end I would say that my favorite episode was the second, in the South. But this episode was really great too. If only he could have shown more of Oregon, in my opinion it and Washington are the two most beautiful states of all 50. Not as dramatically gorgeous as Alaska but that more comforting and warm beauty.

Flying around in those little contraptions in Hawaii looked like pure heaven. I would love to do that someday. I'm sure it's freakishly expensive.

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Posted Wed Nov 19th, 2008 11:41am Post subject: Episode 6
I was so concerned when he swam with the sharks. All I could think of was "watch your fingers!".

Great episode!!!

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Posted Mon Dec 1st, 2008 11:58pm Post subject: Episode 6
A most excellent final episode hope he got to try a bit of fresh kona coffee while on the big island. I understand it tastes much better than regular coffee (I don't drink it myself).

My old roomie loved the bag I brought back with me.

I used to be EternalStudent on these forums until the switch over. So don't get excited..I'm not someone new and exciting. I'm just me :P

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