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Posted Tue Oct 2nd, 2012 10:18pm Post subject: Feeling the work day blues.

I lay here all alone in the dark
In the grips of insomnia
I feel knackered but wide awake
Sleep evades me, I need rest

When I finally do drop off
It's not long and I wake again
The silence is deafening
I fight it to find peace once more

I rise early to go off to work
I feel invisible and ignored
Piling on the stress, I want to cry
Responsibility pressing down again

Mistakes get all the attention
Nobody shows any appreciation
For a job well done, Every single day
Would they even notice if I went away?

A simple 'Thank You' would be nice
Some support and acknowledgement
After work - TV, computer, then bed
To start the whole cycle off once more.

Everyday should be Fryday!
Soupy Twist!

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