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Posted Fri Aug 1st, 2008 6:02pm Post subject: FOOD...
there's a great japanese place near where I used to live that does "bento box" a lacquered wooden case with lots of conpartments containing vegetables, noodles and meats, and some kind of volcanic soup - you take the lid off the soup bowl and the contents roll and rise to the surface, then fall back down again under convection. really well presented + great flavour too.

There's a restaurant in Leeds that does bento boxes too. I love them. They always put meat rice, tempura, salad and slices of fruit and berries in them. My favourite meat to have in a bento is beef in teriyaki sauce! *slurp*

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Posted Fri Aug 1st, 2008 6:08pm Post subject: FOOD...
So last night before bed even though its ungodly hot I made some hot chocolate covered cherry.

Take a package of hot chocolate mix and mix it with hot water. Add a splash of liquid coffee creamer in cherry flavor (I use dark cherry streusel coffee-mate but you can use cherry syrup the creamer makes the hot chocolate taste like it was made with milk instead of water though.)

Cover with whipped cream (spray can kind is best) and then run a bit of chocolate syrup on top. OMG its fab!

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