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Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 3:36am Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Dear Stephen,
Your fans have been busy again. Hope you did not peek at the Valentine discussion thread. May this humble gift bring you joy on Valentine's Day.

Introduction to your gift:
Some people reject Valentine’s Day as a vile marketing exercise that is beneath them. Some reject it because scholars have shown no truthful basis, or direct connection to the saint who was executed. Nevertheless, the depths of the human mind allow us (to some degree)to think and perceive things as we wish. Fluffettes have chosen to identify love as worth celebrating.

It matters not if we are single or part of a couple. It matters not whether we receive diamonds, flowers or chocolates. Love is not confined to those relationships. We feel love for our children, our friends, our family, our pets, and our fellow human beings. We can choose to think of Valentines Day as a day to celebrate this, just as we do at Christmas, even if we are not practicing Christians.

And so on this special day Stephen, our love for you is shown in the gift below. We have agonised over whether our ideas and efforts were good enough. When children draw us a picture, we stick it to the fridge with joy. If they make wonky pottery at school and give it to us, we are delighted. We do hope you enjoy our wonky gift to you.

Some will write a short story based on:
"St. Valentine was a Priest, martyred in 269 at Rome and was buried on the Flaminian Way. He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, young people. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses."
“Stories involving different representations of cupid/love patrons around the world”

They contain puzzles for you to solve. The first word of each paragraph will form a message from that person to you. That was PJ's idea, everyone loved it. Other posts will be straight forward greetings, (some were reluctant to write, or were unwell, etc).

Without a doubt, each message is posted with love and admiration. Enjoy!

**note for contributors** please post your stories by 12th Feb, then other greetings can follow, closing on 14th/15 Feb. Thankyou.

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Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 10:27am Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Epilepsy: The Visitor That Stayed
(my first wonky attempt at creative writing)

THE healthy, perfect baby that has been mine for two years made a strange cry, and began to twitch. It was the beginning of her epilepsy condition.

SECRET strength hidden deep within helped me through days of medical examinations, tests, and giving medication to my toddler.

LIFE was now at a standstill, waiting for her to improve. The epilepsy came to visit and stayed. She has more than 20 seizures a day. You would like to help me by saying these things are only given to strong people. That just crushes me more. What helps is the smiles and fun from the volunteers called the

FLUFFETTES. And they think they just entertain the sick children. They do so much more for the parents.

SEARCH and find is one of the games they play for the parents, like a treasure hunt, where you find messages of support.

YOU wish that it really were possible for Saints like Valentine to heal people.

TUBE after tube dangles from my daughter. Will love heal?

(follow message or follow link: have fun

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Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 11:41am Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Subject : The Love... And what a love!

YOUR last words broke my heart in a way even you can’t imagine. You left me panting and aching in the worst possible manner. Not physically, when the scars may be hidden and will fade with time, but morally. How did you dare to compare my unreasonable
LOVE AND PASSIONS for life and people with a simple need to be loved and respected. It’s far more complicated and profound than a fool like you may ever consider. Of course it’s excessive. Of course it seems a never ending activity (bless it), but believe me, it’s why life is worth living. To be already
FED UP with everything as you are, is the most scarring thing I have ever felt when I’m around you. Do not think we can’t see that, it’s apparent in all your body moves and facial expressions. You have been throwing up your indefinite hate for this “dreadful world” every day, by words or by acts. The only real consequence is to make obvious for each of us your profound desperation, as an endless dark hole inside you. It hurts me to contemplate this hole day after day. I’ve tried to seal this hole. I’ve really tried. But how would I have succeeded when your only reaction after all these months is to disdain everything I am and everything I need, only for the pleasure to prove your point. You’ve never understood it was an impossible foolish wish.

MY CURIOSITY is my salvation, my source of joy and happiness, my life goal and my hope. I want to feed it with more and more substances.
AND, even if I don’t know the shortest way or the best rules to fly in this world of amazing sensations, I don’t feel the need to know them. All my direction’s errors, what you’ve called my “tactical failure”, allowed me to discover more and more of these new delightful dishes. They
LET ME drown myself in this ocean of wonderful encounters, let me feel by all my nerve endings and sensorial receptors how much it makes me full with delight and how much I want more,
MORE AND MORE, wishing it to never finish. What a sweet torture, even you can’t deny it. Really, being
STARVING as I am, my only wish is this to never be completely satisfied. As had written one of my most incommensurable source of mind’s food: my need to learn and discover is “[…] the perfect type of a perfect pleasure : it is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied”.
You may never approach this blissful sensation, I feel sorry for you.

But you know, some strange lights and other shivers I sometimes catch in your eyes make me think that one day, we will discover us again, in a far more intimate way than we ever did: a mind one. And I have the deep intuition that this day is going to be an orgasmic one!

Si tu acceptes de perdre un peu de ta liberté pour te sentir en sécurité, alors tu ne mérites ni l'un, ni l'autre.


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Prancing Jeeves


Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 5:41pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Love In Animals.

YOU see, others might think that animals are incapable of showing emotions. Especially love. Or sadness. But they do. The devotion that is shown when one perishes, and the way the elders fight to save a younger one when they're put in danger. They certainly don't show emotions on their faces, but their emotions can be seen in behavior and heard in a cry.

ARE there other ways that animals show love? They tend to show it with close bonds with companions. They are commonly seen playing and hunting together as family or mates. There have been times when an animal couple will stay together until one of them dies.

A good way to notice their affection is seeing how creatures like Elephants or Buffalo behave when another in their group is killed. The way they gather around the body and linger around it shows the attachment they develop with others.

WONDERFUL protective instincts are seen in many living animals. Some, if strong enough, will swoop in and knock a predator away from the one in danger to save them from the predator. In other cases it might not even be an animal of their own species. Kindness and mercy are seen when they're trapped, or a baby needs suckling. Especially when an Elephant or a Lion will take on the care of orphaned younger animals.

MAN shows love to animals and the animals can return the love. The proof is there when you look at the loyalty your pet can give you. It can be quite a powerful feeling to experience. The joy and friendship one develops with their pet is priceless.

YOU see, the examples are all over the place. Even in small creatures such as birds. My birds were fiercely loyal and close to one another. When one was growing old - the rest would sit with it by their side and keep watch to make sure it was comfortable until it passed away. Their attitude to death and the vigil birds have when one dies is quite a moving thing.

ARE LOVED feelings the only thing animals show in their behavior? Certainly not, although this is one of the things we have in common with these enigmatic creatures on this Earth. It's a great feeling to have. And a great thing to witness. Just open your eyes. We're much alike.

Le grá,
Prancing Jeeves

@PrancingJeeves on Twitter.

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Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 7:54pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Subject: Bee-Keepers.

"YOU'RE my furry little angels" said the Bee-Keeper as he smoked the hive, sedating the bees in preperation of harvesting their golden produce. He often talked to his work force when tending the factory.

SWEET nectar, collected by the worker bees, transformed in the comb awaiting the Bee-Keepers' harvest and packaging ready for sale.

AS the bees lived in pastures of scented flowers and nearby fields of lavendar, their produce took on these flavours making it high in quality.

HONEY produced by the bees in the hive and sold by the Bee-Keeper, with comb pieces in the jars, was considered premium and the best in all the stores that stocked it.

Forever Love
Kaz! ♥ xXXx ♥

Everyday should be Fryday!
Soupy Twist!

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Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 8:09pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013


'YOU seem to be late again!' the teacher exclaimed loudly as I walked into the class. 'And a good morning to you too, sir!' I answered grumpily. Had nobody got the time for greetings these days?

'CONTINUE with your lesson, I can find my way alone.'
The teacher was not amused, which is more than you could say for my fellow students. Angrily, he glared at me. 'Trying to be sassy again? If only that much effort went into your english homework!'
It was more than I could stand.

'TO accuse is easy, yet to greet you lack the time? Especially today, this is quite rude.'
'What is so special about today? Don't claim it to be your birthday, I happen to know that's ages away.' I was staggered by his lack of common knowledge. And that from a teacher! 'Why, sir', I said, 'It's Valentine's day!'

'INSPIRE me', he answered, 'What does that have to do with greetings?' I began to get impatient. All I had wanted was to learn how to translate idioms into english and suddenly I had to teach him about St Valentine. 'He happens to be the patron Saint of greetings!' Someone suddenly explained. I looked around. Who of my colleages my know a piece of information like that? The teacher seemed to be thinking along those lines too when he asked, 'Who spoke without being asked?'

'ME!' It sounded from the window. Through a remarkable chain of coincidences, Alan Davies had just walked past our school and heard our conversation. My teacher didn't believe him a word, of course, but despite the scepticism of the general public, Alan had actually got a fact right for once.

Happy Valentine's day!
Hugs and kisses,
Gudrun xxx

We are talking of the idea of beauty, and the beauty of ideas.


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Posted Sun Feb 10th, 2013 10:34pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Stephen. May your day be filled with love <3
My piece doesn't have a title. I hope you enjoy it anyway
Love Mariko xx

I stared at the computer screen waiting for that spark of inspiration to hit. I had probably been sitting there for an hour typing out random sentences then erasing them again. Fact is, I hate creative writing. I can’t do it. I just don’t know how to put the muddled ideas and words that are in my brain and make them flow into a coherent narrative.

“THINK, think, think…” I mutter to myself. It can’t be that difficult. A short story based around St Valentines Day. It didn’t even have to be about love because this St Valentine was apparently patron saint of all kind of things.

YOU could write about bee keepers, epilepsy, fainting (a patron saint of fainting??), travellers or young people for example. No word limit. Any kind of story you wanted. Sounds so very simple and yet I cannot do it!

“ARE you ok?” my flatmate asks as I let out another groan. “No. No I’m not ok.” I reply in a mournful tone. “I don’t know what to write for this Valentines Day project. I don’t even know how to make up a story.”

“SO, if you can’t make up a story, just write something about yourself.” He said. I frowned. Write about myself? My life wasn’t even interesting. All of a sudden, that spark I had been waiting for hit. Why yes, I could write about myself! For the next twenty minutes I typed and typed.

“AMAZING.” I grinned when I had finished. I had my story.

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Posted Mon Feb 11th, 2013 12:16am Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Okay, I think I wrote something like fiction? The ending's so soppy that I want to scratch my eyes out.

Anyway, enjoy!

(A PUZZLE – that turned out... NOT to be about young people, I suppose?)

YOU can see him sitting on the steps that separate the veranda from the garden. It's a beautiful garden, full of roses. Dark red and bright white. Bees are humming and dancing around them. But he's not watching, he's lost in thought:

MAKE a difference, change the world!
There was a time when he thought he could do anything. He was full of ideas and the energy to pursue them.

ME and you - together forever!
His first love, his first boyfriend. It was too big, too powerful, it overwhelmed them both. And it couldn't last. He didn't eat or sleep for days after it ended and he knew he'd never be able to love again, that his broken heart couldn't be mended. But of course he was wrong.

LAUGH and learn!
He was desperate to discover all kinds of things, could spend hours reading or losing himself in music. He would forget to go outside until his friends dragged him out. And there was swimming and running and sunshine.

ON long nights out, walking home in the morning hours, he felt that a life like this couldn't last forever. But those thoughts didn't stay. And now...

SAD - should he be sad that this time, so intense and troubling and beautiful, now lies behind him?

“DAYS go by so fast”, he says to himself. But no, he's not sad. He's glad he arrived. He looks up, looks at the roses, looks at the bees. His life is calmer but it's still full of love and curiosity and he's learned that making small differences is good enough. He smiles.







Andrea. xxx

I am not a Russian spy, cross my heart and hope to die.

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Posted Tue Feb 12th, 2013 2:35pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

STEPHEN, this is a puzzle, and you’re just reading the first word in each paragraph.

YOU may have read in Rose’s introduction to this thread that St. Valentine is also the patron saint of travellers. He must have been very busy in my case because I did a lot of travelling in order to see my hero on stage. Rain or

SHINE, my travels were a wonderful experience. I was rewarded with a fantastic play, wonderful actors and the most lovable Malvolio in history. I also was lucky enough to meet you a couple of times and to get hugs and kisses from you, and the memories of these meetings fill my heart with joy. Last but not least my journeys made me fall in love with London once more, after I had been there for the first time many years ago on a school trip.

A wise man, Hans Christian Andersen, wrote: “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.” And that is true. Travelling has always played a huge part in my life, and I think it may have started with the aforementioned school trip to London. On our first day, my school party embarked on a journey to watch the changing of the guards. Everyone jumped on board the Tube – except my friend Tatiana and I who were left standing at the platform, baffled, as the doors closed. We took the next train and ended up at Bayswater where there was no sign of our peers. The

LIGHT flickered, the gaping tunnels beckoned, echoes from afar seemed to mock us (well, nothing of this is actually true, but it makes it all far more dramatic ...).

IN our despair we asked a young (and quite handsome) Tube operator for help. He called his colleagues at other stations but nobody had seen our school party. He was so worried about us it was almost comical. In the end he couldn’t be of much help (we were reunited with our school party by coincidence eventually) but to this day I remember him with great fondness. Whenever I go through Bayswater station I think of the young operator and wonder how life has treated him. For me one of the most important factors of travelling is that you get to meet amazing people on your way, who are there to help, to have a chat with, to share experiences. Therefore, travelling for me has also much to do with friendship and love.

MY life has thus been filled with travels to faraway and not so faraway places. Whenever I’m somewhere new I try to find something I can take back home with me, be it a memory, a souvenir or an inspiration. My experiences help me to get over periods in time when the black dog is coming to haunt me and when

DARKNESS sweeps over me. I will remember there are places out there yet to explore, or come back to again, with St. Valentine by my side. Although I may continue to struggle with darkness in my life for quite a bit longer, the patron saint of lovers and travellers shall be my companion.

THANK YOU for bringing love back into my life.

With love and admiration,

Desideria xx

@AvenidaMK on Twitter

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Posted Tue Feb 12th, 2013 11:20pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

We will now open the thread to other Valentine's greetings for Stephen.

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Posted Wed Feb 13th, 2013 6:04pm Post subject: For Stephen on Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Stephen!

“YOUR scarf's come loose” said Lea softly, tucking it back around Marie's neck. “Thanks”, Marie said, smiling. “It's bloody cold out here!” They both turned back to look out over the bridge at the myriad lights twinkling on the banks of the river.
“London really is so beautiful at night. I almost prefer it like this”.
“Yeah, it's definitely better than the mass of concrete buildings you see during the day!”
Lea turned to her, suddenly serious. “Do you think they will pass it?” she asked, her eyes searching Marie's face for the answer she so desperately wanted.
“Of course they will. We have so much support now and that celebrity campaign really helped.” Marie returned her gaze and tenderly pushed a strand of Lea's hair back from her face.

“SUPPORT that we really needed!” Lea said. “If the church had got their way...” Marie shook her head. “They wouldn't have anyway. No one really takes them seriously, not anymore.” Lea put her her head on Marie's shoulder and they both stared out over the river, holding each other close.

“It MEANS so much to me, to be able to marry you,” Lea said quietly. “I know,” Marie replied quietly. “I wonder if they know how much it means to us?” She gestured towards the buildings at Westminster, where a group of elected representatives would soon be voting on their right to equality with other couples.

“SO many people will be able to fulfil their dreams if this goes through.” She smiled. “Do you remember when I proposed to you?”
“How could I forget?” Lea laughed. “I still can't believe you hired a guy in an aeroplane to propose for you! And in Brighton, of all places! Such a cliché.”

“MUCH to my surprise, it actually worked!” Marie grinned and kissed her suddenly. They remained in a close embrace for a few minutes, hugging each other tightly.

“THANK you,” Marie said to her, with uncharacteristic seriousness, just before they started to walk to the bus-stop and return home. “For this evening?” Lea asked.
“For all of it. For being everything I could have wished for and so much more.”

“YOU are so very, very welcome dearest,” Lea replied, squeezing her hand as they turned away from the river. “Now let's go home.”

@zany_zigzag on Twitter :)

“If you really want to be happy, all you have to do is say ‘I am beautiful’. So, I want you all tonight to go and look at the mirror and say ‘Stephen Fry is beautiful’. Good night.”

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