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Posted Thu Dec 29th, 2011 1:14am Post subject: Forced medication for all.

Dear readers, I really need your views and wisdom.

You may know that fluoride is added to our food and water and that this forced medication is against our civil liberties? The government is planning to fluoridate the entire UK water supply.

It is said that fluoride is added to water with hope that it may reduce tooth decay. Fluoride can help in small amounts if we brush it onto our teeth and then swill around and spit out the chemical down the sink. Although the fluoride is actually absorbed under the tongue and gums from the brushing of toothpaste, we are not to swallow fluoride over a certain amount as it is one of the most toxic chemicals to humans and pets. When ingested above the maximum recommended amount, fluoride can cause skeletal/dental fluorosis and has been absolutely proven to calcify the pineal gland which is situated in the skull.

Administration of this drug through the water supply is not only without our consent, the dosage from consumer to consumer is very dramatic. Meaning that some people receive less than the government require and in most cases far too much. As we absorb fluoride from showering ,food and even washing up. This is not just about drinking water from the tap in the kitchen.

I have posted here today because I need to ask people that may not yet know and the views of Stephen fry fans surly will be intriguing and note worthy.

Below is a very informative video and is quite interesting indeed.

The youtube video is called "Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation "

thank you for reading
harpie x

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Posted Wed Feb 8th, 2012 11:16pm Post subject: Forced medication for all.

Well I am not really sure with this one and how credible the source could be but if it is something that is being pushed already, then I think that there might be more to it that what is on the surface. I could not believe that they are willing to take this route with it.

I mean, that is not only against our rights but also something that will rather raise a lot of eyebrows considering how fragile the process could be.

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