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Posted Tue Jun 23rd, 2009 7:51pm Post subject: FREE! Predict The Future, Today!
It's free because I'm not charging anyone to start this thread or participate. I might change that in the future though, so act today! X-D

OK Kids, based on what we peons know of the Past & the Present, what do you predict happening in The

What do you think the goings on within and without the borders of the following countries might mean in the Near Future ( let's call that 5 years time )?:

Let's take these few players for now cuz if I listed every single country my eyes would start to cross:

North Korea
the USA

Consider the internal upheavals/stabilities inside these countries as well when making your predictions.

Now, fast forward ( use your previous predictions or not, your choice ) another 45 years ( that's 50 years from now for us mentally slow folk ):

the EU

In 50 years, for instance, what will the populus of these countries reflect in terms of age, ethnicity, primary political groups, economy, and health/disease.

BTW, if certain realities that could be called 'negative' depress you quickly, you might not want to play. Unless the positives are enough of a counter-balance that is I guess. Also, don't be afraid to argue just no poop throwing please. I just had the carpet cleaners over.

I'm going to go tend the grill and have a smoke while you all talk about it X-D

Really? Wow.

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Posted Tue Jun 23rd, 2009 10:33pm Post subject: FREE! Predict The Future, Today!
wow, that's a tall order. the author featured on The Colbert Report last night wrote a future history of the United States.

I just don't think I know enough about the domestic and international situations in those countries. I did Model UN in high school, but I'd be overlooking so many significant facts, unless I really researched, of course.

maybe I'll try this later though, could be fun, though it could make people think I'm stupid if they already don't! X-D


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Posted Tue Jun 23rd, 2009 10:46pm Post subject: FREE! Predict The Future, Today!
I'll take a stab at it. And remember, this is all coming off the cuff. I do not have any web sites or polls to back up these suppositions. These are merely my opinions.

The only one I can really speak to is the United States. And in 5 years, I see the country as having reinvented itself a bit. Well, we have to. We're in the worst economic downturn since the Depression, our worldwide reputation is still pretty much in tatters, and we are coming very slowly to the realization that at least a few nations are in a position to fly past us financially, technologically and socially. Fewer and fewer countries look to the US to be the world leader in social and charitable endeavors, or indeed, a world leader at all.

So, I see the US as focusing on more charitable endeavors and being a voice for social justice. Hard to believe in the wake of the Bush administration, but I'd like to think it could happen. I see us having an economic turnaround, but people will not earn what they did before and will have less buying power as a result. This lack of personal financial capital will change the way America does business. Since the days of easy credit will be over, people will be more frugal and will become more creative in solving their problems and creating new businesses. A coffee shop might share space with a tech repair shop, that kind of thing.

I would like to see the end of the dumbing down of America in the next five years. I would like to think we're capable of doing more than wondering when Jon and Kate will finally split up, or when one of America's goofy little celebrities will get arrested for something.

My vision isn't exactly rosy, but it's not without hope. And that's what we need to have - hope.

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