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Posted Thu Aug 6th, 2009 11:54pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

OMLP, that was SO much work you did!

Thank you, Fryphile! You are my Hero xxx

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Posted Sun Aug 30th, 2009 6:32pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 1
Shooting Stars – playing coy.
V for Vendetta – Pre-boom preparation.

Page 2
Gannet Gets Fired – Skinny chair sitting Stephen.
Pink lips, pink shirt studious Stephen.

Page 3
Relative Values – butt shot.
An Audience with Bob Monkhouse – the eye thing.
Wilde – OMGAY.

Page 4
Flower tie – Ronnie Barker Memorial and 2006 BAFTAs.
Masterchef – Must eat cake.

Page 5
IQ – Where’s Stephen?

Page 6
IQ – Where’s Stephen close up.
Jooster – travel magazines.
Rescuing the Spectacled Bear – Stephen in hammock.

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Sun Aug 30th, 2009 6:33pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index


I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Aug 31st, 2009 3:32pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Fryphile, it didn't take as long as I thought to finish it so here goes...

as there's no preview I'm not gonna be able to test the links till I post it...

So fingers crossed.

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Posted Mon Aug 31st, 2009 3:35pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

It wont let me post it, hang on....
Atari, can I persuade you to stickify this? I hope it'll make it easier for people to find a particular pic of Stephen. I'll update it as we soldier on.

Pages 1 - 300

Page 1
Shooting Stars – playing coy.
V for Vendetta – Pre-boom preparation.

Page 2
Gannet Gets Fired – Skinny chair sitting Stephen.
Pink lips, pink shirt studious Stephen.

Page 3
Relative Values – butt shot.
An Audience with Bob Monkhouse – the eye thing.
Wilde – OMGAY.

Page 4
Flower tie – Ronnie Barker Memorial and 2006 BAFTAs.
Masterchef – Must eat cake.

Page 5
IQ – Where’s Stephen?

Page 6
IQ – Where’s Stephen close up.
Jooster – travel magazines.
Rescuing the Spectacled Bear – Stephen in hammock.

Pages 7-9
THEME: Old Flames – Stephen stripping and showering.

Page 9
SLOTMD – Cordelia hugging Stephen.

Pages 10-13
THEME: Stephen with puppies.

Page 12
Stephen as Daphne Delores Moorehead posted by Minervamoon.

Page 14
The blue-eyed, half smirk, ruffled hair, death by sexy look.
Stephen with Simon Callow – tiger claw .

Page 15
THEME:QI – Death episode.

Page 16
Pimp Stephen posted by AxmxZ.
QI – Moth-eaten trousers.

Page 17
QI C10 – Stephen going :P.
QI D6 – tummy pat.

Page 18
QI – Embarrassed Stephen.

Page 19
SLOTMD – Forearm shot.
Peter’s Friends promo shot.

Page 20
THEME:Jooster – walking on the beach.

Page 21
Jooster – Jeeves getting hit on in New York diner.

Page 22
Jooster – Leering Jeeves.

Page 23
Jooster – Jeeves wearing black sleeve guards.
Jooster – Jeeves living it up in New York.

Page 24
B&W best pic of Stephen evar.
1979 Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Mmmm, cake.

Pages 24-27
THEME: Control.

Page 28
THEME: Captions.
Boffle – Stephen snorting his fingers during the “Chicken” sketch.
Boffle – Stephen in a provocative position during the “Major Donaldson” sketch.

Page 29
Boffle – Hugh licking Stephen’s shirt.
Boffle – DAMMIT John with hand at tummy-level.
Boffle – Soupy twist shaker in crotch.

Page 30
Boffle – “First Kiss” sketch with limp wrist action.
Boffle – Stephen zipping up.
Rescuing the Spectacled Bear CD sleeve.

Page 30
Stephen with BMW X-5.

Pages 30-32
THEME: Stephen hitting Hugh.
Includes “Flushed Grollings”, “Sound Name”, “Grand Prix”, Blackadder III, and The New Statesmen.

Page 33
Relative Values – Stephen in car with shades.
Happy Families – Stephen eating a crisp.
THEME: Peter’s Friends – Piano.
Peter’s Friends – Hugging Emma.
Peter’s Friends – Ken poking Stephen.

Page 34
Peter’s Friends – Confession.
Peter’s Friends – Stephen pointing at friends, B&W photo.
Dapperly-dressed Stephen with statues.

Page 35
Room 101 – Plate of Stephen and said plate seen in parents’ home during WDYTYA.

Pages 35-36
THEME: Mustached Melchett.

Page 36
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith – Stephen looking adoringly at adorable daughter.

Page 37
Resume photo.

THEME: Stalag Luft

Page 39
Paperweight cover and inside pic.
Jeeves and Wooster Nintendo DS game cover.

Pages 39-41
THEME: Stephen and Hugh on Wogan circa 1992.

Page 42
Panama cigars commercial – all whites.
SLOTMD – Stephen going :P.

Pages 42-44
THEME: Grey-haired Stephen. Includes Golden Globes, publicity pic, Stormbreakers interview, Hugh’s bald spot, “Berwhale”, Vox pox, “Stephen’s Song”

Page 44
SLOTMD – Stephen in soccer net.

Page 45
Boffle - “Hugh’s Poem”.

Pages 45-48
THEME: STUGH week. Includes Baldrick’s Diary, Dinner at The Ivy, Stephen’s Roman thighs, Footlights B&W photo, various publicity pics, naked Hugh, and Stephen in tub.

Page 48
Stephen with Tony Blair
Shooting Stars – Stephen wearing the green thing.

Pages 48-49
THEME: Stormbreakers.

Page 49
Stephen as naughty headmaster.
Bones – Stephen being cute. Duh.
Boffle - “Library” stern Stephen.

Page 50
THEME: Stephen with mommy.
Boffle – “Haircut” – Stephen undressing Hugh.
Boffle – “Robert Robinson”.

Page 51
Boffle – “Dammit” sketch.
THEME: Audience Participation - Stephen in gilded frames posted by Soupy Twist.
Stephen as Wilde posted by Gerti.
Stephen with chin on knuckles, black jacket, salmon-colored shirt posted by Gerti.

Page 52
QI - Stephen with Alan publicity shot posted by absolutely curtains.
Stephen squatting in the bushes posted by Gerti.
Boffle – “Haircut” sketch, Stephen putting the sheet over Hugh.
Boffle – “Small Talk” sketch with Stephen in a hammock.
Boffle – Season four, Stephen on phone posted by Fryed-And-Tested.

Pages 52-54
THEME: More Control

Page 55
Gosford Park – DVD interview.
Boffle – “Firing” sketch with Stephen in post-orgasmic pose.

Pages 55-57
THEME: Critics sketches.

Page 57
Footlights – Fentastically fentastic Stephen.

Page 58
Stephen straddling a purple chair.

Pages 58-59

Page 60
SLOTMD – B&W school photo of Stephen and schoolmates.
“Fry’s Delight” article.

Pages 61-66
THEME:Peter’s Friends, including pic of Stephen on beach from Boffle season four intro on page 64.

Pages 66-68
THEME: Moab is My Washpot pics.

Page 68
Boffle – “It’s a Wonderful Life” sketch, Stephen buttoning up posted by Fryed-And-Tested.

Page 69
Boffle – “It’s a Wonderful Life” sketch, Hugh ducking under clothesline; Stephen observing.
V for Vendetta – “Waking Up With” interview, Stephen squeezing nose.

Page 70
Boffle – “Toy Car Shop” sketch with Stephen playing with a car.

Pages 70-71
THEME: Whatever Happened to Harold Smith, Stephen’s nude scene.

Page 71
German cover of Moab is My Washpot posted by Gerti.
Stephen with crazily cute green slippers.

Page 72
Stephen in his taxi.

Pages 73-75
THEME: Boffle – “Bushwallyta” sketch.

Page 76
SLOTMD – Pensive Stephen leaning on piano near end.
Stephen at an “Ode Less Traveled” Q&A session

Page 77
THEME: Photobucket Lottery.
Boffle – “Violence” sketch, Stephen giving Hugh a fiver.
Boffle – “Duke of Northampton” sketch, Stephen leaning on table
“I Heart Stugh” icon.
Boffle – “It’s a Wonderful Life” sketch, Hugh looking back at Stephen.
Filthy Rich and Catflap – Rick tripping near Hugh.
Boffle – Season two opening with Stephen wearing his green jacket.
Boffle – Stephen and Hugh wearing Tidyman’s carpet jackets
Boffle – “Judge Not” sketch, Stephen questioning a Lesbite.

Page 78
Photobucket Lottery theme continues…
Jooster – Jeeves awaiting ingress, with silly text.
The Hedge Sketch 1 – Stephen and Hugh passing each other around table.
Boffle – “Censored” sketch.
Boffle – “Fragrant Musician” sketch.

Page 79
Photobucket Lottery theme continues…
Jooster – Jeeves in mid-sit in a pastry shop.
Boffle – “Spies-Firing” Control on phone.
Variety Club Showcase Awards – Stephen in tux.
The Hedge Sketch 1 – Stephen holding phone.
Stephen and Hugh on Wogan, 1992.

Page 80
Kingdom - Stephen with Millie, publicity shot posted by Gerti
Photobucket Lottery theme continues…
Shrink Rap – Stephen looking slightly annoyed.
Kingdom – Stephen holding Millie posted by Gerti.
Kingdom – Stephen standing next to car posted by Gerti.

Page 81
Boffle – “Hey Jude” sketch, Stephen in mid “nah” face.
Photobucket Lottery theme continues . . .
Icon of Jeeves in a row boat.

Page 82
Photobucket Lottery theme continues…
Extras – Stephen holding BAFTA in front of Ricky.
Blackadder Goes Forth – Melchy at desk with Darling.
Boffle – “Shadows One” sketch, Stephen and Hugh in patio chairs.
V for Vendetta – Gordon drinking with Evey.

Page 83
Photobucket Lottery theme continues...
Boffle – “Vox Pox”, Stephen in a photo booth looking for the flush.
Boffle – “Marmalade” sketch.
Boffle – “Soccer School” sketch with Hugh high-kicking.
“Julius Stephen” posted by Fryed-And-Tested.
Stalag Luft – Stephen getting kicked.

Page 84
Photobucket Lottery theme continues...
Piano Master Class – Stephen looking down at Hugh.
Hair pics posted by jemmo.

Page 85
Kingdom – Manhandling Lyle.
Leather jacket Stephen on a leather sofa.

Pages 86-90
THEME: Wilde Sexing It Up.

Page 86
The Discovery of Heaven – Stephen being hetero posted by jemmo.

Page 87
Have I Got News For You posted by Fryed-And-Tested.

Page 89
Kingdom – Hugging Gloria.

Page 92
Boffle shirt posted by Fryed-And-Tested.
Blond Stephen.
Blond Stephen riding in coach.

Page 93
Wilde – In jail looking forlorn.

Pages 95-98
THEME: Jooster Being Slashy

Page 96
The Thin Blue Line posted by karoliina.

Page 98
Shirtless Stephen ironing.
Young Stephen with a Mac.

Pages 99-101
THEME: QI Interactive DVD

Page 101
We do.

Page 102
Blackadder – Publicity shot of Melchet posted by John Steed.

Page 103
Bones – Stephen grinning.

Pages 103-106
THEME: Stephen Artwork

Page 106
Kingdom – Stephen getting GLOMPED

Page 107
Stephen on Wogan, Hysteria, The Hedge Sketch 1, and Shrink Rap posted by Amoeba.
QI – Stephen’s exposed belly.

Pages 107-109
THEME: Bright Young Things behind the scenes.

Page 110
The Shaggy Dog Story – Stephen in bath tub.
Boffle – “Spot the Wrong Trousers” sketch.

Pages 111-114
THEME: Alliance and Leicester commercial.

Page 114
Stephen peeking through café window.

Page 115
Photo shoot, unshaved Stephen in gray jacket and black shirt up close.

Page 116
Stephen in blue shirt, half smile, posted by emma-wemma.

Pages 117-121
THEME: Stephen Wearing Weird Stuff. Includes Stephen-in-bag, flashing Stephen with bra, Esquire cover with flippers, Stephen at a party getting arrested and felt up, purple suit with green lining, Stephen in top hat, tails, and tights

Page 121
SLOTMD – Close-up of eyes.

Page 122
QI – Stephen impersonating a horse.

Pages 122-126
THEME: Stephe
n in Drag

Page 123
Tuppy defending himself from virulent vegetables.

Page 126
Stephen *facepalm*ing during Jonathan Ross interview.

Page 127
Boffle – “Gossiping Heads” sketch posted by Gerti.
Stephen in white polo, lounging in a chair.

Pages 128-130
THEME: Stephen With Animals. Includes strange cat on chin, “My Dear Boy” sketch, Boffle season two opening with pigeons, “Chicken” sketch, Blackadder “Corporal Punishment”, Kingdom with fish, “The Other Department”, crab on head with Vic Reeves, and Footlights Hugh as dog.

Page 128
Split-faced Stephens.

Page 130
SLOTMD – Sad Stephen posted by seasun545.
Stephen on Wogan, 1991.
A Bear Named Winnie – Bear’s-eye view.

Pages 131-132
THEME: Kingdom Overload Extreme Close Up

Page 132
Jooster with American flags.

Page 133
Stephen in tux waving.
Rick syphoning Stephen.

Page 134-136
THEME: The New Statesman
Stephen hugging Rik posted by Fryed-And-Tested, page 134.

Page 136
B&W Stephen from “The Jokers” book posted by Shyamz.
Boffle – Series three Soupy Twist with cocktail-splattered Stephen posted by Shymaz.
Boffle – “Condom Quickie” sketch posted by Shymaz.
Cell Mates
Common Pursuit

Page 137-140
THEME: Stephen in bed. Includes Kingdom, Discovery of Heaven, Dominique Appleguard, blue and white suited Stephen, Alfresco bed hopping with Hugh.

Page 138
Top hat and tails Stephen from Jools Holland's wedding posted by Mila.

Page 140
"Now Voyager" and "Sunkissed Stephen" posted by Gerti.
All alone Stephen
Boffle - "Dancersize" sketch
Planet Stephen

Page 141
THEME: Frylies
- QI C2, Boffle "Language Conversation", "Bones" - Girl in the Gator
- Footlights "Master Acting Class" Gormenghast, Radio Times cover
- SLOTMD (car), WDYTYA (graveyard), Wilde (in prison), Blackadder Goes Forth "Major Star"
- QI B11, Cold Comfort Farm, An Evening with Fry and Callow

Page 142
THEME: Frylies continued
- Photo shoot (66nr5), Kingdom 1-4 (flashlight), Jooster 2-6 (183, 186)
- SLOTMD (Carrie's yard), V for Vendetta (Gordon's sketch), Photo shoot (

Page 143
THEME: Frylies continued
- Relative Values (car), SLOTMD (beach), Discovery of Heaven (hungover)
X-D - Boffle 4-2 (guest intros), Boffle "Open University", Blackadder "Money" (ROFL)
- Boffle "For Some Reason Angry", Boffle "Disgusting", Discovery of Heaven

Page 144
THEME: Frylies continued
- QI B2, The Hedge Sketch (2nd one), Boffle "Letters"

Page 145
THEME: Frylies continued
:-// - QI A8, Jonathon Ross, Blackadder Bloopers
:'( - WDYTYA, Wilde, Wilde (take my hand), Discovery of Heaven (kiss and hug)

Page 146
THEME: Frylies continued
- Jooster 1-6, Parkinson (2007), Relative Values
- Bones (Priest in the Church), Jooster 4-6, Boffle "Neddy PM", Hugh wink
(!) - Blackadder "Duel and Duality"

Page 147
THEME: Frylies continued
- QI C11, Blackadder Back and Forth, Jooster 4-5 (seeing the Alpine hat and holding it), Jooster 4-1 (Agatha painting)
- Boffle "Honda", Boffle 2-1 Opening, IQ
-> - Footlights "Master Acting Class", QI C7, Blackadder photo shoot

Page 148
THEME: Frylies continued
- Boffle Vox Pop (4-3), Boffle "Firing", IQ

Page 149
THEME: Frylies continued
- Yoda, Hulk, Clue

Page 150
Stephen on bench (Photoshot)

Page 151
THEME: Where's Stephen?

Page 152
THEME: Where's Stephen? continued
The Secret Life of Peter Sellers, Gormenghast, and Jooster S2E1.

Page 153
THEME: Where's Stephen? continued
Cold Comfort Farm

Page 154
THEME: Where's Stephen? continued
Stalag Luft
Stephen on ornate sofa with Michael Palin squeezing his knee
B&W Stephen wearing 18 layers, BYT era

Page 155
THEME: Boffle - "Be Nice (Good Ass Mother Liker)" S4E4. Continues onto page 156.
Latin! or Tobacco and Boys article posted by Jape
B&W super hippie Stephen from Mark Lawson interview

Page 156
Birthday picspam: Masterchef, foamy lip, horsey rider, Blackadder "testicle" article page, bathtub reflections with bear.
Lawson interview, pic 213

Page 158
Boffle - "Grey and Hopeless" *facepalm*
THEME: There's Nothing to Worry About - Alan and Bernard play tennis

Page 159
THEME: Tennis continued
Golden Globes Gagfest

Page 160
Stephen with huge fluffy dice
THEME: Pink!Stephen
Backseat pink sweater and shirt

Page 161
Pink continued: BYT pink scarf, Boffle Pilot braces/suspenders

Page 162
Pink continued: QI B12

Page 163
Blackadder II "Beer" - Melchy with large golden breasts

Page 164
THEME: Pink continued - Boffle pilot "Stephen's monologue"
A Question of Sports Relief posted by Gerti
Alfresco S2E2 - Begging Ben

Page 165
A Question of Sport Relief
Absolute Power - Wink

Page 166
THEME: Charles Prentiss's Suits
Continues to Page 168

Page 168
Mirrormask photo shoot - Stephen with bear posted by amyl_nitrate
Wilde lounging

Page 169
SLOTMD - Stephen on beach
THEME: Stephen reacting to Hugh's Emmy loss
Room 101 "Whateva" pose
Wind in the Willows - Snarling magistrate
Photoshot pic of Stephen cutting into cake for Prince's Trust
Gunk Tank
Jooster - Sobbing Jeeves on tree stump with Bertie

Page 170
Moab is My Washpot photo shoot - Stephen on floor
QI - Mein Handy!
THEME: QI Lottery
A11, #19
B7, #43
D13, #16

Page 171
C6, #35
D4, #7
C7, #92
D12, #20
C6, #60
C5, #1

Page 172
C3, #32
D1, #67
D10, #50
B7, #42
C8, #8

Page 173
D10, #19
A2, #131
B8, #92
A2, #173
Pilot, #17
A9, #109

Page 174
C6, #39
B5, #64
C5, #34
D2, 39
D4, #4
B12, #95

Page 175
C6, #73
C2, #9
A9, #3
C8, #19
A11, #14

Page 176
B9, #18
B2, #18
Stephen ad with you as a giant dick

Page 177
Whatever Happended to Harold Smith - Jogger Stephen kissing ground

Page 178
THEME: Stephen's Legs
Blackadder Back and Forth

Page 179
Legs continued:
The Thin Blue Line - Brigadier Blaster Sump
Wilde - Sitting on the dock of the bay

Page 180
Blonde Stephen
Legs continued:
There's Nothing to Worry About - getting a rub down
Footlights - Opening running scene
HIV & Me - OMG needles
Photo shoot - orange disobedient collar

Page 181
THEME: Boffle - Michael Jackson sketch

Page 182
Discovery of Heaven - Stephen dancing posted by jemmo
HIV & Me - Condom

Page 183
QI E4 - Oh no, they're singing
THEME: FRY & Me - 89

Page 184
FRY & Me continued - 333, 213, 111, 112

Page 185
Discovery of Heaven - Post-ruffled Stephen posted by jemmo, elderly ruffled Stephen posted by jemmo
FRY & Me continued - 489, 492, 493

Page 186
QI C2 posted by jemmo
FRY & Me continued - 176

Page 187
Pimped out Stephen posted by Atari
Photo shoot - Stephen sucking pinky, used as cover to "Tish and Pish"
Stephen and Hugh with Stephen slurpy-faced, posted by Christy

Page 188
Fry Gets the Horn icon posted by Christy
Stephen sitting on luggage reading Harry Potter
THEME: Hair Swoosh Action
Saturday Live - "Gordon Inglis is Turning Japanese"

Page 189
Theme continued: Room 101
Boffle - S2E5 intro

Page 190
Theme continued: HIV & ME, pic 446

Page 191
Stephen and Hugh bouncing erotically
Theme continued: Shrink Rap and HIV & Me (348-349)

Page 192
Icon - Roxbury Jeeves
Guilty - Stephen craving Barley Rusks
QI E7 - Stephen pointing

Page 193
THEME: Socky Stephen
The wed wones

Page 194
Socks continued:
Shooting Stars - footsies

Page 195
Socks continued:
Stephen on stairs, Peter's Friends shoot
Boffle - "Trick or Treat" (pics 97, 124)
Jonathan Ross - taken from 50 Not Out (164, 151)
QI Interactive DVD (248)
BT Mind Awards
Parkinson 2007 (10)

Page 196
Socks continued:
Parkinson 2007 (209, 204)
Absolute Power - Nation's Favourite (75)
Cold Comfort Farm - Lonely cemetary Stephen (233)
QI E8 - Sir Ear Flappington

Page 197
THEME: Earlobe Lust
Shooting Stars (12)
Kingdom - S1E2 (263) Green-vested Stephen on balcony
Kingdom - S1E3 (187) Dozing Stephen on balcony

Page 198
Earlobe Lust continued:
Absolute Power S1E4 (47) - Tinkling Stephen
V for Vendetta (82) - Stephen's edible profile
Jooster S1E5 (246-247) - Bertie hiding behind his man
Photo shoot - Stephen on red couch wearing green corduroys, pinkie erotically close to mouth and right ankle waving and screaming, "LOOK AT ME!"

Page 199
QI E9 (124) LMAO Stephen
THEME: Hysteria 3 opening monologue (6)

Page 200
Hysteria 3 continued (8, 9, 10)
Hysteria 3 continuted (13, 20, 21)

Page 201
Hysteria 3 continued (23, 24, 25, 32, 73)
Hysteria 3 continued (27-30). Stephen grabbing balls.
Stephen at Pride of Britian Awards. Pink lining on jacket.

Page 202
Whose Line S9E4 (261) Satanic Stephen
THEME: Whose Line S1E3, Stephen with Peter Cook - the contestants (4), Sessions (194), bubble wrap saliva (159), looking at Peter (55)
Whose Line/Cook continued - Shakespeare scene (38, 70, 72-74)

Page 203
Whose Line/Cook continued: Cook catches yellow tub thing (138-140), playing dress up (170, 173)
Whose Line/Cook continued: Look at mah boxers (90)
Whose Line/Cook continued: OMG White Man Rap (201-204), Luvvies (219)
With Mummy and Daddy at Bright Young Things premier

Page 204
The Common Pursuit - Stephen vs. Tim Roth
THEME: Stephen Eating - Old Flames, chompin on some scrambled eggs.

Page 205
Stephen eating continued - SLOTMD Mmmm chocolate

Page 206
Stephen eating continued - Absolute Power "The Trial", pizza time
Stephen eating continued - Le Divorce
Stephen eating continued - Kingdom 1-3, chocolate bisky time

Page 207
Photo of Hugh posted by Christy
THEME: Stephen and Hugh. Preferably touching - Boffle "Chatshow" sketch
Christmas Night with the Stars photo posted by Cristy
Stephen touching Hugh continued - Saturday Live "Comedy Master Class", whispering sweet nothings into Hugh's ear

Stephen touching Hugh continued - Jooster photo shoot, straightening the master's tie. That's not code.
Jooster - Bertie in bath posted by Christy
Stephen touching Hugh continued - Jooster S4 E6 - Bertie getting ran over, Jeeves to the rescue
Stephen touching Hugh continued - Piano Masterclass from Hysteria 1 and Saturday Live

Page 209
Stephen touching Hugh continued - The Crystal Cube kiss

Page 210
Stephen touching Hugh continued - Saturday Live "Goodbye Gordon" sketch
Boffle Pilot "The Word Gay" sketch, profile of Stephen's nose (340)
A dozen pics of Stephen making a dozen different faces from a magazine article

Page 211
THEME: Driving!Stephen
Happy Families "Edith" episode - propositioning Guy
Driving!Stephen continued - Surrealissimo

Page 212
Driving!Stephen continued - IQ
Driving!Stephen continued - Black London cabs
Driving!Stephen continued - Kingdom
Photo - Stranger than Fiction premier, thumbs up
QI D13 - Santa!Stephen TICKLING ALAN'S ARSE (21)

Page 213
THEME: QI Series E Lottery - E6 (60), E9 (7), E10 (76), E5 (67), E8 (33)

Page 214
QI Series E Lottery - E7 (39) E13 (54), E12 (46), E5 (117)

Page 215
QI Series E Lottery - E7 (120), E13 (93), E6 (68 ), E12 (85), E9 (142)

[ul=]Page 216[/url]
QI Series E Lottery - E10 (156), E13 (92), E1 (46), E3 (60), E3 (130), E3 (52)

Page 217
QI Series E Lottery - E13 (20), E3 (100)
Photo - Stephen at Cannes in the vertiginous striped shirt and tie
Photo - TopFoto watermarked super smirky Stephen, tweed jacket
THEME: Boffle "Barman" sketch, Stephen giving "presents" to Hugh - peanuts (37)

Page 218
Merry Christmas! QI E13 (155) Wilde!Stephen with tree
Barman sketch continued - crinkle-cut cheesy whatsits (39) and plums (40)
Barman sketch continued - stool (42)
Barman sketch continued - fruit (46) and Hugh (45)
Barman sketch continued - f a g, disgusting-looking tart, juicy tongue, bag of oral sex, Stephen bent over
Photo - Hugh inspecting Stephen's nostril (digitalrailroad)
TV-AM - Stephen getting lost in Hugh's blue eyes (32)

Page 219
THEME: QI Strictly Come Duncing - opening
Strictly Come Duncing - Street, Ballroom, Folk

Page 220
Strictly Come Duncing - Latin, Erotic
Strictly Come Duncing - War, Swing

Page 221
Strictly Come Duncing - Scottish, Street

Page 222
Strictly Come Duncing - Novelty
THEME: Discovery of Heaven - Stephen porking a girl

Page 224
Discovery of Heaven
Boffle "Cocoa" sketch

Page 225
Discovery of Heaven
Photo shoot - Stephen with Hugh who's wearing the floweriest shirt imaginable

Page 226
Jooster S3 E3, sitting on the bench at the police station
THEME: Kingdom Lottery: 1-5-134, 1-2-178

Page 227
Kingdom Lottery continues: 1-5-140, 1-5-42, 1-6-106, 1-4-118, 1-4-128

Page 228
Kingdom Lottery continues: 1-4-260, 1-2-124, 1-2-168, 1-3-137, 1-1-644, 1-2-294

Page 229
Kingdom Lottery continues: 1-5-135, 1-3-14, 1-6-137, 1-3-468, 1-4-272, 1-2-405

Page 230

Kingdom Lottery continues: 1-4-97, 1-4-316, 1-3-234, 1-3-337

Page 231
Kingdom Lottery continues: 1-1-656, 2-1-386, 1-4-279, 1-5-256, 1-6-168, 1-4-76

Page 232
Kingdom Lottery continues: 1-4-338
Friday Night Live publicity photos
Photo shoot - Stephen in striped shirt with hands on hips

Page 233
THEME: Injured!Stephen - A Fish Called Wanda
Old Flames - getting slappered

Page 235
Injured!Stephen continues: This is David Lander - A Question of Trial and Error
Injured!Stephen continues: Wilde - falling in his cell

Page 236
Injured!Stephen continues: The Common Pursuit
QI-E1, E11, E12 posted by jemmo
Photo - Stephen at 2007 Emmys (Corbis)
Photos of Stephen at Stout's Hill (Flickr)

Page 237
THEME: Stephen pulling faces - Blackadder "Captain Cook", Melchy pinching Baldrick's cheek
Stephen pulling faces - QI C1, Stephen and Rich being silly
Stephen pulling faces - Photo shot of Stephen and Hugh holding flowers and cross-eyed (digitalrailroad), Stephen pucker-faced with Hugh both wearing white.
Photo shot - the other photo of Stephen and Hugh holding flowers posted by Lily Mae

Page 238
Stephen pulling faces - Wind in the Willows, frowny face magistrate (92)
Stephen pulling faces - Boffle 2-5 "Geeks" vox pop
Boffle 2-5 - Stephen choking a bitch
HIV & Me - Stephen getting tested (385)

Page 239
THEME: Charles Prentiss's Suits - Pope Idol

Page 240
Charles Prentiss's suits continued - Pope Idol
Charles Prentiss's suits continued - Pop Idol
Kingdom 2-4, wounded Nigel
Charles Prentiss's suits continued - Pope Idol

Page 241
Charles Prentiss's suits continued - Pope Idol

Page 242
TV-AM Stephen and Hugh (220, 191), and baby Flocke
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith - Pelvic X-ray
THEME: Hugging!Stephen - Peter Sellers
Hugging!Stephen continued - Absolute Power "Crash and Burn" and "The Trial"

Page 243
Hugging!Stephen continued - HIV & Me part 2
Hugging!Stephen continuted - Kingdom. Every darn hug.

Page 244
Hugging!Stephen continued - Old Flames - Oiling Simon Callow
THEME: Hand Porn - Kingdom S2 E4 - Stephen catching a stone

Page 245
Hand Porn continued - 50 Not Out
Hand Porn continued - A Civil Action

Page 246
Hand Porn continued - Jeeves mixing his master a restorative
Hand Porn continued - Surrealissimo - Dadaist!Stephen with hand in his pants

Page 247
Hand Porn continued - HIV & Me (309)
Hand Porn continued - Saturday Live "Safeguard" sketch - toasting a teddy bear

Page 248
Kingdom S2 E6 - Peter Huggings
Stephen and Hugh presenting a BAFTA

Page 249
Jeeves - S4 E6 - Jeeves gesturing to Tuppy to straighten his moustache
Gloved continued - Relative Values - taking white gloves off
Gloved continued - A Civil Action - the glove film flub

Page 250
Gloved continued - Blackadder - Melchett punching Baldrick
Gloved continued - Jooster S4 E4, Jeeves as Daphne
HIV & Me - Stephen's sunlit thighs

Page 251
A Bear Named Winnie - Stephen lovin' on a lemur
THEME: Stephen wearing hats - Blackadder Back and Forth, Roman headgear

Page 252
Hats continued - QI E4 (4), Blackadder Goes Forth - Baldrick pinching Melchett's cheek
QI - E1 Oh Noes!Stephen posted by jemmo
Hats continued - Boffle "Swiss Sketch" and "Anarchy Sketch"

Page 253
Hats continued - QI E4 and E7
Hats continued - Top hat and tails, Stephen at weddings

Page 254
Penn and Teller - Stephen standing next to Penn

Page 255
V for Vendetta photo shoot of cast (Getty Images)
Secret Policeman's Ball - Stephen humping Cleese

Page 256
THEME: Stephen!Dancing - Discovery of Heaven

Page 257
Dancing!Stephen - Boffle "Dancersizing", surveying a quantity animation
Dancing!Stephen - Boffle "Dancersizing", animation
Dancing!Stephen - Boffle "Dancersizing", animation
Dancing!Stephen - Saturday Live "Piano Master Class"

Page 258
Kingdom 2-4: Stephen bicycling over Nigel animation
Footlights - Paul, Stephen, Tony, and Hugh photo shot in park
THEME: Stephen and Hugh touring London - Boffle S2 opening

Page 259
Young and Old Stephen LOLFRY comparison
Boffle S2 opening continued

Page 260
Boffle S2 opening continued
Boffle S2 opening continued
Boffle S2 opening continued
Aboslute Power "Identity Crisis" - BBC Television Centre

Page 261
THEME: Leaning!Stephen - Stephen with a film crew in Times Square New York
Leaning continued - Paddington pic posted by Gerti
Leaning continued - Stephen holding top hat next to statues posted by Panja
Leanining continued - Boffle S2E2 "Tideyman's Improv"

Page 262
Leaning continued - Happy Families "Reunion"
Leaning continued - Boffle S2 E5, Stephen as waiter while Neddy tries to blow up the restaurant sketch
Leaning continued - Photo shoot leaning against bent pole (Radio Times 1993)
Leaning continued - The Laughing Prisoner

Page 264
Leaning continued - Boffle S1 E1 - all appropriate leaningness, and S2 E4 - Stephen and Hugh on the loveseat getting luvie.
QI - Alan and the "Sex up Fry" sign
Photo shoot - Stephen kneeling/lunging next to picnic table

Page 266
THEME: Stephen with behbeh - Kingdom S2 E1
Stephen with behbeh continued - Kingdom S2 E1
Boffle - S4 opening with Stephen on beach pointing at child posted by Fryed-And-Tested

Page 267
Stephen with behbeh continued - Kingdom S2 E1
Stephen with behbeh continued - Kingdom S2 E1
Stephen with behbeh continued - Kingdom S2 E1
Photo shoot - GQ Cover

Page 268
Boffle S1 E3 "Special Squad" - Hugh's son Charlie's television debut
THEME: SEX UP FRY - Discovery of Heaven

Page 269
SEX UP FRY continued - Discovery of Heaven

Page 270
SEX UP FRY continued - Discovery of Heaven
THEME: In Your Face Fry - Best
In Your Face continued: Shooting Stars
In Your Face continued: QI E5

Page 271
In Your Face continued: Absolute Power - Spinning America eyeball pic

Page 272
Kingdom S2 E6 - Stephen's eye looking for bees posted by Gerti
Absolute Power - Spinning America, eyescan
In Your Face continued - Boffle 4-4 "Flowers For Wendy"
In Your Face continued - Labour Party ad
In Your Face continued - Best

Page 273
The Machine That Made Us posted by ellenderanged
Peter's Friends posted by ellenderanged

Page 274
Photo shoot - Stephen at a table with wine wearing very green shirt
THEME Nightwear/dressing gown Stephen
Absolute Power S2E2 The Trial
Kingdom S2 E6

Page 275
Nightwear continued - Old Flames
Nightwear continued - Wilde

Page 276
Photo shoot - B&W with scruffy chin
QI - After show photo from audience member

Page 277
THEME: Wilde Lottery

Page 278
Wilde Lottery

Page 279
Wilde Lottery

Page 280
Wilde Lottery

Page 281
Wilde Lottery
More Wilde - Photo shoots
B&W Footlights photo shoot with Rowan, Hugh, Emma and the gang

Page 282
THEME: Whose Line - Fry and Sessions with Pogo Ball
THEME: Qte QI Close-Ups - A11

Page 283
Qte QI Close-Ups continued
Machine That Made Us - hand close-ups posted by Gerti

Page 284
Qte QI Close-Ups continued
A Bear Named Winnie - Behind the Scenes
Happy Families Reunion - Stephen lounging
THEME: Judi Dench Tribute

Page 285

Judi Dench Tribute continued

Page 286
Judi Dench Tribute continued
Alfresco photo shoot - togas

Page 287
Photo shoot (ILF) - Stephen at premier of Stranger Than Fiction
SLOTMD artwork posted by ellenderanged
THEME: Dirty Bertie - Jooster 1-1

Page 288
Dirty Bertie continued

Page 289
Boffle Pilot - Australian Christmas sketch
Stephen at party for James Bond novel (Getty)
THEME: Charles Prentiss's suits - Tory Woman

Page 290
Charles Prentiss's suits continued
Photo shoot - Stephen in front of refrigerator holding lemons

Page 291
Boffle - Milk Pot sketch
THEME: Hugh's Birthday Week - Charity cricket match 1998
Jooster photo shoots (Jeeves folder)
Boffle - I've left the iron on vox pop, Jewelry, Spies, Department, Dammit, Amputated Genitals, Language, Control, Tideyman's shag, LFI Hugh signing book on Stephen's back, Hugh with flower shirt and drunk Stephen behind him
The boys with flowers

Page 292
Hugh's Birthday continued - Alfresco and There's Nothing to Worry About photo shoots
Stephen with mom and dad
Goin' to the Ivy (LFI)
Stephen with upside down cat posted by ellenderanged
THEME: The Stephen Bee - Boffle Dammit Church, Balls

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Posted Mon Aug 31st, 2009 4:34pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Yep, Beira, you're brilliant. Links work like a dream. xx

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Sep 7th, 2009 12:01am Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 301
Major Donaldson continued
Anything More Would Be Greedy

Page 302
THEME: Tweed
Top Foto pics - Making History signing
Boffle - Parent Power
Articles folder pic

Page 303
Tweed continued - Boffle pilot critics sketch
Boffle Duke of Northampton
Kingdom S1 E3 - Gloria cuddling Peter's lap

Page 304
In the Library With Clive James (pic 237)
THEME: Cold Comfort Farm Lottery

Page 305
Cold Comfort Farm Lottery

Page 306
Cold Comfort Farm Lottery

Page 307
Cold Comfort Farm
THEME: Mirror!Stephen - Blackadder Back and Forth
Photo shoot - B&W with mirror (Corbis)
SLOTMD - Dressing for BAFTAs

Page 308
Mirror continued - SLOTMD QI dressing room
Blackadder Back and Forth

Page 309
Roman!Stephen and Hugh posted by Soupy Twist

Page 310
Painting of Stephen on an elephant
THEME: Sleepy!Stephen

Page 311
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith - Chestflesh
Sleepy!Stephen continued - Rescuing Spectacled Bear
Sleepy!Stephen - WDYTYA
Sleepy!Stephen - Kingdom in bed (1-5), Alfresco 2-2, Jeeves admiring Bertie in the tub 4-2

Page 312
Sleepy!Stephen - Old Flames
Footlights - Closing credits of Emma, Hugh, and Stephen
Relative Values - Stephen looking at magazine

Page 313
THEME: Green Velvet Jacket - Boffle 2-1 Dancersize
Boffle 2-4 opening
Boffle 1-1 Haircut, Bonzo Dog Band, Stephen with gorilla suit guy
Boffle 2-3 Swearwords

Page 314
Green Velvet Jacket continued - Boffle 2-5 knitting, opening
Boffle 2-4 Big-O-Meter, Peter's Friends photo shoot on stairs, awards
THEME: Ascot!Stephen - GQ cover, photo shoot (Fry searches page 19)
Boffle 3-4 Marmalade sketch

Page 315
Ascot continued - Article
Alfresco 1-1 - yellow ascot
Alliance and Leicester - Small Flat advert
THEME: Exercising!Stephen - Alfresco 1-6

Page 316
Exercising!Stephen - Alfresco 1-6

Page 317
Exercising!Stephen continued - Alfresco 1-6
Green Velvet Jacket - Oscar Wilde Society Dinner
There's Nothing to Worry About - Ben exploding from Stephen's face

Page 318
THEME: Trouser hitching - Piano Masterclass
Hysteria 1 - Piano Masterclass
Judi Dench Tribute

Page 319
Hitching coninued - Jooster
Relative Values
Stephen and Hugh on motorcycle

Page 320
Stephen in cab with thumbs up
THEME: Relative Values Lottery

Page 321
Relative Values Lottery continued

Page 322
Relative Values Lottery continued

Page 323
Relative Values Lottery continued
Blue-handed Stephen
THEME: Charles Prentiss's suits - Mr Fox

Page 324
Prentiss continued

Page 325
Stephen Fry in America photos

Page 326
Stephen at Gay Pride March 2005
THEME: American!Stephen
Boffle 3-4 "My Ass"

Page 327
American!Stephen continued - Boffle 1-2 "America"
Rita Rudner Show
Jooster in front of American flag

Page 328
Stephen and Hugh on motorcycle posted by MRTmum
Boffle 3-2 Ass-Kickers

Page 329
Gosford Park
Stephen with owl photo shoot
THEME: Stephen!Emma
Alfresco 2-5 "Bottom Sketch"
Footlights - Fentastic sketch

Page 330
Stephen!Emma continued - Alfresco 2-3, whipping Emma
Peter's Friends - Emma seduction, Alfresco 2-5 - final sketch

Page 331
Stephen!Emma continued - Alfresco 1-2, squeezing da boobs
Nevermind the Buzzcocks
THEME: Spot Stephen - HIV & Me part 1 (320)

Page 332
Spot Stephen continued - Kingdom 1-6 on the beach, Machine That Made Us in the library
James Randi and the Astrologer.
In America - Lobster gobbling

Page 333
Spot Stephen continued - In America, lobster bib, Washington crossing Delaware on iPhone

Page 334
In America - Even Stephens

Page 335
In America - Ice cream making posted by AHisme
In America - Floppy hair

Page 336
SLOTMD - Stephen has a sad (London map scarf)
THEME: Common Pursuit, Uncommonly Cute

Page 337
In America - Stephen in balloon posted by AHisme
Common Pursuit continued - Erotic sitting and sideburns, puppybear eyes

Page 338
Common Pursuit continued - Poeming

Page 339
Common Pursuit continued
In America Episode 2 - Waaazzzzuuuppp

Page 340
Last Chance to See posted by ellenderanged

Page 341
Last Chance to See posted by Soph
THEME: Halloween Week - Wellington, Sabotage & Blackadder Back and Forth

Page 342
Halloween Week continued - Michael Jackson, Hedge Sketches
Happy Families Reunion
House with rubber glove

Page 343
Halloween Week continued - Alfresco - French aristocrat, Little John, Morris Dancer, Prat, Hugh-hickey-giver.

Page 344
Halloween Week continued - Alfresco 2-6 Hugh glompage
In America episode 3 - Brain scan

Page 345
There's Nothing to Worry About - Stephen's exposed butt, bum, botty, bottom
THEME: Scarf!Stephen - Kingdom 1-3
Jeeves 3-2

Page 346
Scarf continued - In America Episode 3 - touring St. Louis
Kingdom 2-3 Cricket, Chimp Island snot
The Laughing Prisoner

Page 347
In America Ep 4 - Happy trucker
The Young Ones - Lord Snot

Page 348
THEME: Waistcoat!Stephen - Boffle 2-6 opening "Where's the Lid?"
In America Ep 5 - Jacuzzi

Page 349
Waistcoat!Stephen continued - Boffle 1-2 Troubleshooters (DAMN)
Photos (pg 6), Sabotage, Gosford Park, IQ, Kingdom 1-2, Happy Families

Page 350
Waistcoat continued - Jeeves 2-3, 2-4
Tuxed Fry with drink and ciggy (Fry Searches)

Page 351
Hammock!Stephen - Boffle 2-4 "Small Talk", Rescuing Spectacled Bear, Last Chance to See
THEME: LULZ!Stephen - B&W eyes closed lol
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over 2001 OH NOES

Page 352
Lulz!Stephen continued - Question of Sport Relief, Buzzcocks, Prince's Trust
Jeeves 4-2

Page 353
Lulz!Stephen continued - QI E13 Acropolis

Page 354
Boffle 3-1 "Love Me Tender" Elvis sketch
Photo shoot - Gray jacket, black shirt (Fry Searches)

Page 355
THEME: Stephen Fry in America Lottery

Page 356
Stephen Fry in America Lottery continued

Page 357
Stephen Fry in America Lottery continued

Page 358
Stephen Fry in America Lottery continued

Page 359
Stephen Fry in America Lottery continued
Book signing at Harrods

Page 360
Stephen Fry in America Lottery continued
Stephen with lemur posted by monochromeprincess

Page 361
Stephen Fry in America Lottery continued
Stephen with lemur posted by Soph
Dirty Harry!Stephen - shooting gun
Blip pic posted by Soph

Page 362
WDYTYA - in library

Page 363
WDYTYA - following him to library

Page 364
THEME: Fry Flesh - Alfresco 2-1

Page 365
Fry flesh continued - Alfresco 1-5
There's Nothing to Worry About episode 3, In America swimming with sharks
In America - hot tub

Page 366
Fry flesh continued - Alfresco 2-1
Stephen at a party, leaning on the bar

Page 367
Boffle 3-2 vox pop - Stephen as priest

Page 368
THEME: Fry Fan Art - MS Paint Tubtime
Soph's pictures
PC Smash
Desdemona's Wallpapers
Missingpiece's Wallpaper
Popart Jeeves

Page 369
Fan Art continued - Desdemona's Wallpapers
Stephen with presents and Rudolph!Stephen by Mushroomoid Miss
Bunny beard
Jeeves observing Portrait of Aunt Agatha posted by Missingpiece
Elf Stephen posted by Soph
Photo of Stephen in Christmas sweater posted by Soph
Abstract Stephen posted by monochromeprincess

Page 370
Fan Art continued - QI Fountain of Knowledge

Page 371
Fan Art continued - CLEFRY posted by Mandibles
Stephen looking out window over flowers (Getty)

Page 372
Saturday Live sketches with Hugh
THEME: Stephen with glasses - Surrealissimo
Last Chance to See pics posted by monochromeprincess
Stephen reading Oscar Wilde stories posted by gjhsu
Whose Line S1 E3

Page 373
Glasses continued - Le Divorce, Alfresco 1-3
Secret Life of Peter Sellers, Tristram Shandy

Page 374
Glasses continued - QI, Kumars, WDYTYA, Parky, Boffle
SLOTMD - Shopping
QI A12 - Christmas trees

Page 375
In America - Stephen with Lincoln
THEME: Christmas Night With the Stars

Page 376
Christmas Night With the Stars continued
Blackadder Rides Again - Foot massage, comedy breasts
THEME: Blackadder Lottery

Page 377
Blackadder Lottery continued

Page 378
Blackadder Lottery continued

Page 379
Blackadder Lottery continued

Page 380
Blackadder Lottery continued

Page 381
Blackadder Lottery continued

Page 382
Blackadder Lottery continued

Page 383

Page 384
THEME: Wigs - Boffle 2-6 "Introducing Grandfather To" "Borrowing a Fiver Off" Vox pop, Gelliant Guttfright, Fragrant Musician, Soup/Broth, Vox pop long-haired dude
Stephen on stairs (article 2) posted by gemini
Stephen at In America book signing posted by Soph

Page 385
Wig continued - Boffle A Question of Sport, Robert Robinsons, Head Gardner
SLOTMD sad Stephen

Page 386
Wig continued - Boffle 3 Stephen's Song, Embassy, Vox pop, Marmalade, Bishop and Warlord, My Favorite Pants
Stephen with balloon in leather jacket posted by gemini

Page 387
Wig continued - Wilde
In helicopter on way to Codfish Island - Last Chance to See

Page 388
Richard and Judy & QI D10 horse impression

Page 389
THEME: Tux!Stephen - Emmy win for SLOTMD (Photos page 30), "gotta pee" legs crossed Stephen, Stephen and Hugh presenting BAFTA

Page 390
Tux continued - Extras posted by monochrome princess, BAFTA Fellowship to Richard Curtis, Jeeves 3-3 (Agatha getting hosed),

Page 391
Stephen with Mom and Dad at BYT premier, black & white photo of sad Stephen

Page 392
THEME: Musical!Stephen
Jeeves 3-2 stand up bass and spoons
Boffle 2-2 Strangers in the Night
In America ep 1 - Playing the lobster

Page 393
Music continued - Jooster 2-4 trombone playing

Page 394
Music continued - Jooster 3-2
On Jonathan Ross horse impression

Page 395
Boffle pilot - Eyeball popping out sketch

Page 396
Stephen with purple/yellow striped tie posted by whatthefry
THEME: Charles Prentiss's suits ep 5 Country Life

Page 397
Charles Prentiss's suits continued

Page 398
Charles Prentiss's suits continued

Page 399
Charles Prentiss's suits continued
Stephen with piano (Fry Searches)

Page 400
Jeeves (photoshot)

Page 401

SLOTMD - on ferry
In America Ep 2 - in hot air balloon
In America Ep 5 - on plane
Apple Store talk

Page 402
Eyes continued - SLOTMD, In America

Page 403
Eyes continued - Jeeves 3-3, Boffle 4-4 Flowers for Wendy, Hugh and Stephen in white making sucky face, In America signing at Harrods, Harry Potter, Corbis

Page 404
Fry Lift, hugging Jude Law
SLOTMD - brain scan

Page 405
THEME: Scruffy!Stephen - In America 2-2 drinking whiskey

Page 406
Scruffy!Stephen continued - Cold Comfort Farm

Page 408
Scruffy!Stephen continued - Last Chance to See looking for gorillas

Page 408
Scruffy!Stephen continued - Discovery of Heaven - wrestling with police
QI F7 - Moob GIF

Page 409
Boffle 1-2 Information sketch

Page 410
THEME: Soupy Twist - Boffle 3-1, 3-2

Page 411
Soupy Twist continued - Boffle 4-5

Page 412
Soupy Twist continued - Boffle 4-5

Page 413
Stephen in car (Fry searches)

Page 414
QI Ben Miller and Rob Brydon kiss posted by Mandibles
Face close-up with leather jacket
THEME: Fry Kiss - Discovery of Heaven

Page 415
Kiss continued - Mel Smith
Boffle 2-3 - Dammit Marjorie

Page 416
Kiss continued - Wilde

Page 417
Kiss continued - Gormenghast

Page 418
Last Chance to See - sea lion swim

Page 419
Saturday Live - Party at Lionel's

Page 420
THEME: Articles - Desert Island Discussions 1990

Page 421
Articles continued - Esquire 1994
Various Jooster articles

Page 422
Artricles continued - Sunday Times Magazine 1996

Page 423
Articles continued - Peter's Friends, Boffle

Page 424
Article - Stephen talking about Radio 4
Twitpic - Food-faced Fry from Mexico
THEME: Running!Stephen - Harold Smith

Page 425
Running continued - Kingdom 1-6 (bike), In America 1-6 (swim with sharks), Common Pursuit article

Page 426
Running continued - Harold Smith, In America 1-2 horse ride

Page 427
Running continued - Jooster 4-6

Page 428
Twitpic haircut

Page 429
Common Pursuit play posted by gemini
Stephen with drink and orange tie (BYT)

Page 430
THEME: Jeeves's hands

Page 431
Jeeves's hands continued

Page 432
Jeeves's hands continued

Page 433
Jooster 4-6 - Jeeves helping Bertie up
Twitpic Stephen in diving garb posted by boiler12

Page 434
Jooster 1-2 Jeeves applauding Bertie's singing
THEME: Jeevesless bowler!hatted Stephen - Boffle 2-3 Jewelry

Page 435
Drawing by samanthasamwise
Bowler hat continued - Alfresco 1-1

Page 436
Bowler hat continued - Alliance and Leicester ad

Page 437
Bowler hat continued - Last Chance to See mud pit

Page 438
Bowler hat continued - Control, David Lander, Alfresco 1-1
Jooster - photoshoot with Jeeves, Bertie, and Macintosh

Page 439
THEME: QI Series F Lottery, Stephen in sarong

Page 440
QI continued

Page 441
QI continued

Page 442
QI continued

Page 443
QI continued

Page 444
QI contiued

Page 445
QI continued

Page 446
QI continued

Page 447
QI continued

Page 448
QI Continued
QI F12 - Emma's boobs story
Photo shoot with green background

Page 450
HUGHI continued

Page 451
HUGHI continued

Page 452
HUGHI continued

Page 453
Stephen and Hugh posted by gemini
Jooster 2-1 Jeeves on wardrobe

Page 455
Stephen at recorded reading with spoffle
THEME: IQ Lottery

Page 456
IQ Lottery continued

Page 457
IQ Lottery continued

Page 458
IQ Lottery continued

Page 459
IQ Lottery continued

Page 460
IQ Lottery continued

Page 461
IQ Lottery continued

Page 462
IQ Lottery continued

Page 463
IQ Lottery continued

Page 464
IQ Lottery continued

Page 465
IQ Lottery continued

Page 466
IQ Lottery continued

Page 467
Chris Moyles Quiz Night
THEME: Bones - Mayhem on a Cross

Page 469
Bones continued

Page 470
Bones continued
Skinny Stephen photo shoot posted by Peachy Keenan

Page 471
Bones continued
Stephen at Clement Freud funeral posted by Help

Page 472
Digital Britain Summit
With Hugh in tweed (Fry Searches)

Page 473
Sweaty-haired Stephen posted by Help

Page 474
Bearded Jeeves posted by exoskeleton
Bones photos posted by gjhsu
Shooting Stars

Page 476
THEME: Boffle - Tony of Plymouth

Page 477
Tony of Plymouth continued

Page 478
Tony of Plymouth continued

Page 479
Fry & Laurie photo from Bones posted by Ginj

Page 480
Tony of Plymouth continued
Stephen in field

Page 481

Page 482
5Live posted by exoskeleton
Stephen supporting Norwich posted by Help
THEME: Sporty!Stephen - Old Flames cricket

Page 483
May the Fourth be with you - Wicket cricket, Colbert, and Jedi Fry

Page 484
QI Fry with Colbert posted by exoskeleton
Sporty!Stephen continued - Suggs in Soho snooker, fortysomething

Page 485
Sporty Stephen continued - Old Flames, Kingdom cricket, Jooster cricket with Gussie

Page 486
Sporty Stephen continued - QI F7 Rock Paper Scissors

Page 487Stephen on This Morning
Boffle - Robert Robinson, Old Flames shower

Page 488

Page 490
Getty pic of Get It Off Your Chest posted by Soph

Page 491

Page 492
Flushed Grollings, Geeks, Chatshow, The Burt, Introducing Bishop and Warlord

Page 493
Haircut, Cocoa, Damn 2-4, Wrong Trousers, Privatized Police, Car Shopping

Page 494
QI pic of Stephen taken by Jimmy Carr, Guttenburg Press - Stephen and double threaded screw.

Page 495
THEME: Jeevesless Black Leather Gloved!Stephen - Boffle "Hard Man's Record"
Stephen at Chelsea Flower show posted by Soph and Help

Page 497
Leather Gloves continued - Boffle "The Cause"
Stalag Luft, Fish Called Wanda, Wind in Willows posted by Love_Kingdom
A Fish Called Wanda pics posted by eppie

Page 499
Leather Gloves continued - Blackadder photo shoot with everyone pointing
Bright Young Things - Chauffeur Stephen
Saturday Live - Taking and Driving Away

Page 500
Jooster - Removing cow creamer from car

Page 502
Chelsea Flower Show
In America - Hawaii

Page 503
THEME: Hands from The Machine That Made Us

Page 504
Wilde sitting nude in chair posted by Soph
Hands continued

Page 505
Plasticine twitpic posted by Soph
Stephen pic posted by Gerti
Phill and Stephen at QI

Page 506
Hands continued

Page 507
AuidoBoo pic of young, edible Stephen
Hands continued

Page 508
Skynews interview posted by Love_Kingdom

Page 509
Chelsea Flower Show

Page 510
Boffle - Bishop and Warlord 3-6

Page 511
THEME: Stripping!Stephen - Relative Values

Page 512
Stripping!Stephen continued - A Handful of Dust

Page 513
Stripping!Stephen continued - Blackadder Major Star, Discovery of Heaven sex scene 1

Page 514
Smiley Stephen posted by PlumpPeaches
Stripping!Stephen continued - Who Do You Think You Are

Page 515
Stripping!Stephen continued - Jooster 2-6 apron, Relative Values apron, Jooster 3-5 Bertie disrobing.

Page 516
There's Nothing to Worry About Ep 3 - Stephen watching Hugh bend over
Tom Brown's School Days caps posted by Love_Kingdom
Kingdom opening titles

Page 517
THEME: Hugh-A-Day
Blackadder regiment

Page 518
Hugh-A-Day continued - Articles, Relative Values Stephen reading mag

Page 519
Hugh-A-Day continued - Huge Hugh as House, Jooster article

Page 520
Stephen hosting I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
Hugh-A-Day continued
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith

Page 521
Kingdom 3-1

Page 522
Stephen at Bletchley Park photos posted by Love_Kingdom
Hay Festival Interview, Boffle pilot Stuart and Gordon

Page 523
THEME: Absolute Power - Charles Prentiss's suits - Crash and Burn
Eichmann pics posted by Love_Kingdom
Stephen hosting I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue posted by exoskeleton

Page 524
Kingdom tripping out 3-2 posted by gjhsu
Jeeves and Kingdom posted by BeamaCasey
Charles Prentiss's suits continued
Nokia event

Page 525
Charles Prentiss's suits continued

Page 527
Charles Prentiss's suits continued

Page 528
Stalag Luft - Stephen salutes
Going to see Peter Pan (Getty)

Page 529
Boffle - Berwhale 3-1, Ghosts N Goblins 4-7
QI beret and glasses Stephen posted by gjhsu
THEME: Kingdom Tit-tripping!Stephen

Page 530
Kingdom - Tit-tripping Stephen continued

Page 531
Kingdom - Tit-tripping Stephen continued

Page 532
Kingdom - Tit-tripping Stephen continued

Page 533
Kingdom 3-2 splashed by Beatrice

Page 534
Stephen and Ian McKellen at gay pride parade

Page 535
THEME: Match the Member to the Picture Avatar Game - Stephen in front of TV screen eating

Page 536
Match the Member to the Picture continued

Page 537
Match the Member to the Picture continued - Raincoat flashing!Stephen

Page 539
Match the Member to the Picture continued - Jooster and McIntosh, B&W Hugh whispering to Stephen, Stephen in green corduroy trousers

Page 540
Stephen on stairs posted by gemini
Stephen in America photos by Vanda
Top Gear

Page 541
Kingdom 3-5 posted by Love_Kingdom
Blackadder Chains posted by MarthaPants
Gloves Off advert posted by Love_Kingdom

Page 542
THEME: Bits of Fry

Page 543
Bits of Fry continued - Melchett Blackadder Major Star, QI E7, There's Nothing to Worry About, Blackadder Cavalier Years, Blackadder Beer, Whatever Happened to Harold Smith

Page 544
Bits of Fry continued - Absolute Power Crash and Burn, Kingdom 2-4, Peter's Friends, Sabotage!, Relative Values, Control, Old Flames, Wilde, Harold Smith, Boffle "Pooch" "Models"

Page 545
Bits of Fry continued

Page 546
Bits of Fry continued - Privatized Police, Bones, Bushwallyta, Jooster, Control, Kingdom 3-5, Tony of Plymouth, Duel, Eyevine photos, Shot by Shooter posted by MarthaPants, Stephen with man purse posted by MarthaPants

Page 547
THEME: Crotch Hand - Comic Relief Critics, iTunes event posted by AntoniaK

Page 548
Crotch Hands continued - Wogan 1991, iTunes event posted by tui

Page 550
Crotch Hands continued - Jooster

Page 551
Crotch Hands continued - One Show, Richard and Judy, Mastermind

Page 552
Crotch Hands continued - QI

Page 553
Stephen on scooter

Page 554
Stephen on small green sofa, At Cambridge 800 anniversary
THEME: Kingdom Series 3 Lottery

Page 555Kingdom Series 3 Lottery continued

Page 556
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 557
Kindgom series 3 lottery continued

Page 558
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 559
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 560
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 561
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 562
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 563
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued

Page 564
Kingdom series 3 lottery continued
St. Trinian's - being touched

Page 565
THEME: Jeeves Tucking In His Master

Page 566
Jeeves tucking in continued

Page 567
Jeeves tucking in continued

Page 568
QI Series C Streaker
Stephen at Cambridge 800 anniversary

Page 569
THEME: Boffle Shoe Shop

Page 570
Boffle Shoe Shop

5685 total Frys

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Sep 7th, 2009 3:13am Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 570
Boffle Shoe Shop continued
Twitpic of new haircut

Page 573
Jeeves "New Forum" despair inc poster
Boffle Shoe Shop continued

Page 574
Boffle 4-5 Stephen sitting on couch during guest intros
Stephen at Derren Brown art exhibition posted by gemini
Stephen wearing wordy t-shirt

Page 575
Stephen with Russian fans

Page 576
Jooster in front of American flag posted by gemini
Photoshopped Stephen Facebook pic "Sup 4 chan" posted by gjhsu

Page 577
THEME: Stephen wearing suits that Jeeves would disapprove of
Fryphile2 LFI pics
Esquire cover
Blackadder Back and Forth Stephen and Hugh as Roman soldiers
Pimp Stephen

Page 578
Wilde on sofa posted by exoskeleton
Stephen on Clive Anderson show
Stephen in top hat morning suit

Page 580
LFI photo of Stephen and chess

Page 581
Black and white Stephen smoking with huge hand
Bright Young Things behind the scenes posted by exoskeleton
THEME: Pics from Boffle books

Page 582
Boffle book pics continued

Page 583
Boffle book pics continued

Page 584
Boffle book pics continued
Stephen in cricket announcers' booth
Kumars, Jonathan Ross, V for Vendetta posted by gjhsu

Page 585
Footlights pic of Paul, Stephen, Hugh, and Tony posted by Hope
Guilty Pleasures, Cold Comfort Farm, In America ep 5 posted by gjhsu
Signing at Apple store posted by Gerti

Page 586
Birthday card made by whatthefry
Blackadder opening credit Darling
Birfenday Countdown Calendar
Stephen with giant knife and fork
Fry photo by Stephen Baccon

Page 587
Jooster 1-5 posted by exoskeleton
Rescuing the Spectacled Bear at train station with pipe
photoshot Jeeves
Stephen with round spectacles
Wind in the Willows angry judge

Page 588
Boffle Dalliard Models posted by gjhsu
Judge Not Lesbite posted by exoskeleton
Stephen next to River Thames posted by ladyfromhamburg
Gameshow pic posted by exoskeleton

Page 589
Stephen as Pipe Smoker of the Year

Page 590
THEME: Writing!Stephen - Manic Depressive

Page 591
Writing continued - Tom Brown's School Days

Page 592
Writing continued - Peter Sellers, Chris Moyles

Page 593
Writing continued - Boffle Sound Name

Page 594
LCTS magazine pics posted by Love_Kingdom
Guardian LCTS pics

Page 595
Writing continued - Jooster typewriter
Leaning!Stephen posted by gemini

Page 596
Boffle Nipples
Prince's Rainforests frog glomp gif

Page 597
Prince's Rainforest pics

5824 total Frys

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Sep 21st, 2009 4:45pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 598
THEME: Shadow!Stephen - Boffle Shadows sketch
LCTS episode 1 pics posted by Love_Kingdom

Page 599
LCTS posted by ginj
Shadow continued - SLOTMD

Page 600
Shadow continued - SLOTMD, Wilde

Page 601
Young Stephen posted by inckognito
Shadow continued - Stalag Luft

Page 602
Rescuing the Spectacled Bear posted by gjhsu
A Bear Named Winnie
Stephen under tarp posted by Gerti

Page 603
QI Vector posted by gjhsu
In America making Oscars
THEME:LCTS episode 1 lottery - continues to page 613

Page 614
Jooster 2-6 posted by exoskeleton
Jooster 1-2 Macintosh on Jeeves's lap
Guardian photoshoot 2007

Page 615
Sunday Times photoshoot posted by gjhsu

Page 616
Stephen with cameras
Stephen shooting Bones with Hugh posted by gjhsu
Stephen walking from Ashes posted by MarthaPants (

5959 total Frys

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Nov 16th, 2009 5:45am Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 617
Stephen and Hugh as Gordon Gordon Wyatt and House posted by gjhsu
Stephen walking from Ashes posted by MarthaPants (

Page 618 - 626
THEME: LCTS Lottery Episode 2

Page 627
Photo shoot - Stephen leaning against green wall with round mirror
Alfresco 2-6 jungle scene
B&W Stephen in tux looking dreamy

Page 629-636
THEME: LCTS Episode 3 Lottery

Page 636
The One Show embarrassed Stephen

Page 637
Blackadder II Melchett

Page 638
THEME: LCTS Episode 4 Lottery

Page 647
End of Kingdom 3-6
LCTS lottery continues

Page 649
Kingdom 1-1
Stephen at Ronni Ancona's book launch posted by gemini

Page 650
Ronni Ancona's book lauch
LCTS book signing with Mark posted by monochromeprincess

Page 651
QI headdesk Stephen posted by gjhsu
Cheltenham literature festival posted by tui

Page 652
THEME: LCTS Episode 5 Lottery

Page 655
Stephen and Andrew posted by Love_Kingdom
LCTS lottery continues

Page 662
Stephen at Oscar Wilde's Stories for All Ages reading

Page 663
Stephen dressed as Oscar going into trailer posted by gemini

Page 664
Oscar book signing posted by Hope and Soph
Stephen in all black suit posted by Kelsey

Page 665
THEME: Jeans!Stephen - Bones

Page 666
Jeans continued - Alfresco Liverpool band sketch
Bright Young Things behind the scenes

Page 667
LCTS photos posted by lonesome_asthetic
Flasher!stephen Esquire photo in bra posted by glueyourfingers

Page 668
There's Nothing to Worry About walking down street and Russia book signing posted by nemelle

Page 669
Jeans continued - Blackadder behind the scenes

Page 670
Jeans continued - In America
Stephen walking with Sprout assistant posted by inckognito

Page 671
Stephen visiting Norwich Prison posted by nemelle
Jeans continued - Random photos

Page 672
Jam recording posted by inckognito

Page 673
Jam gif

Page 674
Stephen by phone kiosk posted by Kelsey
FAD birthday posted by Soph

Page 676
THEME: LCTS Episode 6 Lottery

Page 679
Stephen at Royal Geographical Society
Bones Dwarf in Dirt posted by gjhsu

Page 680
LCTS lottery continued

Page 683
Stephen's wacky blue shirt posted by gjhsu

Page 684
Royal Geographical Society posted by trehvi

Page 685
Blackadder Chains pleading Stephen to stay on Twitter

Page 686
Stephen walking down street in jeans and velcro shoes (Getty)

Page 687
THEME: Smiling!Stephen - Photo folder
Absolute Power caps posted by inckognito

[url=]Page 688
Smiling continued - Footlights Acting Class sketch

Page 689
Saturday Live photographers sketch posted by Soph
In America eating Even Stevens Ice Cream posted by fryfan20
Kingdom 3-6

Page 690
Smiling continued - Blackadder Corporal Punishment, bloopers

Page 691
Stephen on Craig Ferguson

Page 692
Stephen on Craig Ferguson posted by Crash and Burn

Page 693
Stephen at BAFTA/LA posted by gjhsu
Jeeves smiling

Page 694
Fryvatar Party on Twitter
Stephen in Marks & Spencers Christmas ad

Page 695
Stephen hosted BAFTA/LA posted by nemelle
Stephen in window grabbing head posted by gjhsu
[b]THEME[/url] Absolute Power Charles Prentiss's Suits - 2-1 Identity Crisis

Page 698
Bones Dwarf in Dirt posted by nemelle and ginj
Blackadder Melchett and Blackadder photo posted by zomgmouse
Charles Prentiss eyebrow gif
Absolute Power Charles Prentiss posted by inckognito

Page 699
Armistice Day event and Your History lecture posted by inckognito
Stephen in checkered suit with Millie posted by nemelle

Page 700
2034 Ztephen Frz behave

6604 total Frys

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Nov 23rd, 2009 10:19pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index


1. Old Flames - Stripping in the Shower
2. With Puppies
3. QI Death Episode
4. Jooster Walking on Beach
5. Control
6. Captions – Boffle
7. Stephen Hitting Hugh
8. Peter’s Friends
9. Mustached Melchett
10. Stalag Luft
11. Wogan 1992
12. Grey-Haired Stephen
14. Stormbreakers
15. With Mommy
16. Audience Participation
17. Control
18. Critics
19. QI Pilot
20. Peter’s Friends
21. Moab
22. Whatever Happened to Harold Smith - nude scene
23. Bushwallyta
24. Photobucket Lottery
25. Wilde Sexing it Up
26. Jooster Being Slashy
27. QI Interactive DVD
28. Artwork
29. Bright Young Things Behind the Scenes
30. Alliance and Leicester
31. Wearing Weird Stuff
32. In Drag
33. With Animals
34. Kingdom Close-Ups
35. New Statesman
36. In Bed
37. Frylies
38. Where’s Stephen?
39. Boffle – Be Nice (Good Ass Mother Liker)
40. There’s Nothing to Worry About – Alan and Bernard playing tennis
41. Pink
42. Absolute Power – Charles Prentiss’s Suits
43. Reacting to Hugh’s Emmy Loss
44. QI Lottery
45. Legs
46. Boffle – Michael Jackson
47. HIV & Me
48. Hair Swoosh
49. Socks
50. Earlobes
51. Hysteria 3 Opening Monologue
52. Whose Line – Peter Cook
53. Eating
54. Touching Hugh
55. Driving
56. QI E Lottery
57. Boffle – Barman
58. QI Strictly Come Duncing
59. Discovery of Heaven
60. Kingdom Lottery Series 1
61. Injured
62. Pulling Faces
63. Absolute Power – Charles Prentiss’s Suits Pope Idol
64. Hugging
65. Hand Porn
66. Gloves
67. Hats
68. Dancing
69. Boffle Season 2 Opening
70. Leaning
71. Kingdom With Baby S2 E1
72. Sex Up Fry Discovery of Heaven
73. In Your Face
74. Nightwear/Dressing Gown
75. Wilde Lottery
76. Whose Line – Sessions and Pogo Ball
77. Qte QI Close-Ups
78. Judi Dench Tribute
79. Dirty Bertie
80. Charles Prentiss’s Suits Tory Woman
81. Hugh’s Birthday Week
82. The Stephen Bee
83. Disapproving!Jeeves
84. Drinking!Stephen
85. German!Stephen
86. Major Donaldson
87. Tweed
88. Cold Comfort Farm Lottery
89. Mirror!Stephen
90. Sleepy!Stephen
91. Green Velvet Jacket
92. Ascot!Stephen
93. Exercising!Stephen
94. Trouser Hitch
95. Relative Values Lottery
96. Charles Prentiss’s Suits – Mr Fox
97. American!Stephen
98. Stephen!Emma
99. Spot Stephen
100. Common Pursuit, Uncommon Cuteness
101. Halloween
102. Scarf!Stephen
103. Waistcoat!Stephen
104. LULZ!Stephen
105. In America Lottery
106. Fry Flesh
107. Artwork
108. Glasses
109. Christmas Night With the Stars
110. Blackadder Lottery
111. Wigs
112. Tux
113. Musical!Stephen
114. Charles Prentiss’s Suits Country Life
115. Eyes
116. Scruffy
117. Soupy Twist
118. Fry Kiss
119. Articles
120. Running
121. Jeeves’s hands
122. Jeeveless bowler hatted!Stephen
123. QI Series F Lottery
125. IQ Lottery
126. Bones Mayhem on a Cross
127. Tony of Plymouth
128. Sporty Stephen
130. Jeevesless Black Leather Gloves
131. Hands – The Machine That Made Us
132. Stripping!Stephen
133. Hugh-A-Day
134. Charles Prentiss’s Suits – Crash and Burn
135. Kingdom – Tit-tripping Stephen
136. Avatar Game
137. Bits of Fry Game
138. Crotch Hands
139. Kingdom series 3 Lottery
140. Jeeves Tucking In His Master
141. Shoe Shop
142. Stephen wearing suits that Jeeves would disapprove of
143. Pictures from Boffle books
144. Writing!Stephen
145. Shadow!Stephen
146. LCTS lottery per episode
147. Jeans!Stephen
148. Smiling!Stephen
149. Charles Prentiss’s Suits – Identity Crisis
150. Bones Dwarf in the Dirt Lottery
151. Stephen Fry Eating In America

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Jan 25th, 2010 2:34am Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

152. Cooking!Stephen
153. Soupy Twist Cocktail Endings
154. Signing!Stephen
155. QI Christmas
156. Kingdom Series 2 Lottery
157. Fuzzy Face!Stephen
158. Hair Swipe

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Mon Feb 1st, 2010 6:56pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 701
Stephen with Miranda Richardson and Ronni Ancona at book launch
THEME: Bones Dwarf in the Dirt Lottery

Page 703
Stephen as King of Twitter

Page 704
LCTS posted by lonelyaesthetic

Page 707
NESTA talk photos

Page 708
Link to Stephen's original webpage

Page 711
NESTA talk

Page 712
Stephen in cab giving thumbs up
THEME: Stephen Eating in America

Page 713
Lovely Bones premier
IAB Engage talk

Page 714
Stephen as Jeeves getting makeup

Page 715
Lovely Bones

Page 716
Auden Poem
Lovely Bones

Page 717

WDYTYA Stephen with laptop

Page 718
THEME:Stephen Cooking
In America
Boffle Tomato sketch

Page 719
Graham Norton
Jeeves making eggs and bacon

Page 720
Stephen with Kevin Spacey and Annie Lennox
As Lord Melchett

6858 Total Frys

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Sun Mar 14th, 2010 12:51am Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index


159. Jeeves Serving Bertie

160. Sideburns

161. Lib Nibble

162. Old Flames Lottery

163. Audience Participation for BOFFLE

164. Jooster GIFs

165. Charles Prentiss's Suits - The Trial

166. Shorts

167. Doctor Fry

168. Doctor DeQuincy from Happy Families

169. Discovery of Heaven Lottery

170. QI Series G Lottery

171. Gel-haired

172. QI Series G Lottery

173. Wogan 1991

174. QI Series G Lottery

175. Smoking

176. Fry on Wagner Lottery

177. Various old pics from Alpha Press

178. Feet Foot

179. Hay Festival 2010 Lottery

180. Pinkie Nibble

181. Charles Prentiss Absolute Power S2E3 Blood Bank

182. Frown

183. Facepalm

184. Fry's Flowery Ties

185. Jooster series 1 lottery

186. Boffle Jewelry Sketch

187. An Audience with Bob Monkhouse

188. Hysteria 1 Safe Sex

189. Jooster Series 2 Lottery

190. Alfresco Fry Fondling

191. Stephen Fry in America (Vegas)

192. Joosters Series 3 Lottery

193. Stephen on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2006

194. Boffle Pilot Episode Lottery

195. Moist Stephen

196. Jooster Series 4 Lottery

197. Surrealissimo GIFs

198. LCTS Return of the Rhino Lottery

199. Chillaxing Stephen

200. Fry and Laurie Reunited Lottery

201. Bow Tie Stephen

202. Absolute Power Charles Prentiss Suits

203. Blackadder Christmas Carol

204. Boffle Series 2 Episode 2 Lottery

205. Fry Face Fondling

206. QI Series H Lottery (1 of 4)

207. QI Suits

208. Moustache Stephen

209. QI Series H Lottery (2 of 4)

210. Page 38 of Photobucket

211. Absolute Power Charles Prentiss Suits

212. Blushing!Stephen

213. QI Series H Lottery (3 of 4)

214. Pages 21 and 23 of Photobucket folder

215. Boffle S4 E4 Lottery

216. Articles Fryphile2 album

217. QI Series H Lottery

218. Jeeves with Macintosh

219. Hat

220. Alfresco series one lottery

221. Stephen on horses

222. Jeeves in cars

223. Alfresco series two lottery

224. Kingdom of Kikipipipipicuddlesupplebibblidoo s3 e1

225. Pages 53 and 33 from photobucket album.

226. Stephen being awesome with his fans

227. Boffle S3 E3 Lottery

228. Kingdom of Kikipipipipicuddlesupplebibblidoo S1 E5

229. Twitpic Lottery

230. Stephen with phones

231. Alfresco S1 E4 Lottery

232. Fryku

233. Jooster S4 E1

234. Jeeves being sexy

235. Stephen Being Arousingly Close to Hugh

236. Saturday Live Lottery

237. Pink!Stephen

238. Stephen Fry's Greatest Gadgets Lottery

239. Kingdom of Kikipipipipicuddlesupplebibblidoo S1 E6

240. Moustach!Fry

241. Blackadder Goes Forth Lottery

242. Planet Word Episode 2 Lottery

243. Stephen wearing black

244. QI Lottery I1 - I4

245. Planet Word Episode 4 Lottery

246. Caprice

247. Jeeves's Gloves

248. QI Series I Lottery Episodes 5-6

249. Planet Word Episode 1 Lottery

250. B&W Stephen

251. QI I11 Lottery

252. Fry Searches folders 49, 66, 89

253. QI Lottery I7 - I10

254. Bleak Old Shop of Stuff Lottery

255. Stephen punching people who aren't Hugh

256. Fan Art

257. Knees

258. QI A1 Lottery

259. Kingdom Behind the Scenes Lottery

260. Tux/Hosting/Award!Stephen

261. Downton Abbey Jooster

262. Kingom Millie

263. Stephen's tongue

264. Control Lottery

265. QI Series I Idleness episode lottery

266. Manly Stephen

267. Beer Drinking Stephen

268. Flying Stephen

269. Jeeves Whatever

270. Saturday Live Lottery Photography episode

271. QI Immortal Bard Lottery Series I

272. Boffle series 1 lottery

273. Bicycle Stephen

274. Fry Tongue

275. Military Stephen

276. Alfresco Lottery

277. Kingdom of Kiki

278. Sherlock Holmes Lottery

279. IDK

280. Comic Relief Sign Language Lottery

281. Jeeves 2-3 Lottery

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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Posted Sun Jul 4th, 2010 7:36pm Post subject: Fry-A-Day Index

Page 721
Bones cooking
Signing in St. Petersburg
Saturday Live Dark Thoughts sketch

Page 722
Black and White Twitter avatar

THEME: Soupy Twist Cocktail Endings

Page 724
Signing in New York

Page 725
QI Series H Christmas Pic

Page 726
Soupy Twist Theme continued

Page 727
Boffle Pilot Suit Soup sketch
Saturday Live Photography sketch

Page 728
Photoshoot Stephen and Hugh outdoors wearing tweed
New York Signing
Marks & Spencer Christmas advert
Random paparazzi photos

Christmas Pantomime

Stephen in America signing
Saturday Live Piano Masterclass
Boffle SAS Sketch

Christmas Pantomime

Page 733
New York Signing
Blond Stephen and Hugh

THEME: QI Christmas

Page 737
Photo dishevelled Stephen on street

Page 738
Stephen on Graham Norton
THEME: Kingdom Series 2 Lottery

Page 745
There's Nothing to Worry About

Page 746
King of Twitter

Page 747
THEME: Kingdom Series 2 Lottery

Page 754
Clive Anderson's Talk Back

Page 755
THEME: Fuzzy!Faced!Stephen
Stephen Shopping in LA
Aspel and Company
Jonathon Ross 1990 Hair Swipe

Page 758

Page 759
Chelsea Flower Show
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith with Tom Courteny

Page 760
Photoshoot Stephen in brick corner
Remembering Secret Policeman's Ball
THEME: Hair Swipe/Swoop
Guilty Pleasures

Page 761
Celebrity Mastermind
Kingdom looking at tongue in mirror
NTA (National Television Awards)

Page 762
Saturday Live Take Your Clothes Off Photography sketch

Page 763
Hairswhipe galore

Page 764
Jonathon Ross 2009 embarrassed!Stephen

Page 765
NTA David Tennant

Page 766
THEME: Jeeves Serving Bertie Jooster

Page 767
Apple iPad launch

Page 768
iPad launch and review

Page 770
Boffle Elvis Hair lookalike
Boffle Neddy and Jack GIF
Alfresco as captain
Haircut twitpic

Page 771
Saturday Live Antiques Roadshow
Flowery tie Stephen at signing

7482 Total Frys

I think of myself as someone who is filled with love, whose only purpose in life was to achieve love. - Stephen Fry

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