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Posted Wed Jan 4th, 2012 9:41am Post subject: Fry-A-Night

What a fantastic idea! I'm loving reading these dreams

I dream about him every night to be quite honest. I have for probably the last four years and most of the time they continue to run into each other - they're very long stories. The one I had last night was really strange though, in my dream it was just before my mock exam in the morning *which is actually in real- life today * and in my dream I switched bodies with Stephen. I woke up in Stephen's house and immediately found a phone & called home. My mum picked up the phone and asked who it was- "I'd like to talk to Emma please, it's umm Stephen Fry," (I had stephen fry's voice but my brain was in his head)

She sounded a bit but gave the phone to Stephen Fry in my body. I then basically had a massive discussion with him about what we were going to do and we finally decided that he ought to go to school as me and that I ought to go out to lunch with Jo Brand as he's already arrange (woopee!). We also said that we should meet after he got home from school and that he ought to get the train to his house. I told him to tell my mum that Stephen Fry wanted to have a meeting with me about doing work experience with him > haha biggest dream of my life.

Anyway I was having a wonderful time walking about his house naked and rooting through his wonderful collection of ties, until I finally found his butterfly one (which is my favourite)

I popped it on along with a lovely navy suit and set off to have lunch with Jo. Luckily I'd read her autobiography so I had a few things to talk about to her without her getting suspicious. We ate seafood even though I don't like it in real life.

Then I went back to Stephen's house (still in stephen's body) and waited for Stephen in my body to turn up. Eventually he did and I opened the door and gave Stephen a kiss (which was actually technically kissing myself and we discussed what we'd do.

In the end we decided to go for a walk in stephen's garden (no euphemism intended!). There was a big maze and a bench with a sundial beside it next to a bank. It was very sunny and after walking through the whole maze we were very tired and both fell asleep cuddling on the bank, and we woke up in our own bodies - it was so cute... Stephen Fry said I could come round whenever I wanted as long as I didn't tell anyone where he lived - of course I wouldn't do that anyway!

Then I woke up!

I seriously hope that made some sort of sense. It was hard to explain. Can't wait to read more dreams, please post them - Emma x

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Posted Fri Jan 6th, 2012 6:41pm Post subject: Fry-A-Night

Aww, what a lovely dream, Emma <3 Thanks for sharing

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Posted Sun Jan 8th, 2012 10:13am Post subject: Fry-A-Night

Usually I don't dream about people that I love. But about week ago I had Fry dream. Stephen hugged me and said that I must prepare for exams

I'm a Russian spy, ok? :)

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Posted Fri Apr 6th, 2012 3:31pm Post subject: Fry-A-Night

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was in a nondescript bathroom, bent forward over the sink, being spanked by Stephen Fry.

I suspect it had something to do with watching the film 'Secretary' and then that new episode of 'Just a Minute' in succession before I went to bed.

I could just as easily have dreamt that I was trying not to hesitate, deviate or repeat myself with James Spader, I suppose.

No idea why the bathroom, though.

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Posted Sun Apr 22nd, 2012 8:33pm Post subject: Fry-A-Night

@Clive: I once had a spanking dream taking place in the bathroom too. Not with Mr. Fry, however, but with Keanu Reeves and I was bent over the bath tub. I wonder why bathrooms seem to have a certain significance when it comes to spankings. If there is any.

Anyway, I frequently incorporate Mr. Fry in my dreams, too. The first dream I ever had with him was while I was reading the Fry Chronicles. We were in some kind of tower doing various things together. That means, I did something and he approved and encouraged me. He was very, very sweet and kind, and I felt the love that was radiating from him. In the end I had to leave him behind in the tower, I seemed to float in the air and he was still standing there looking up to me. After I had woken up I felt as if I were in love, totally giddy and happy and with butterflies in my stomach. I managed to take this feeling in the new day and was bouncing about like a mad bunny. I always hope that this might be a recurring dream but to no avail.

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Posted Tue Jun 19th, 2012 9:20am Post subject: Fry-A-Night

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that Stephen had opened a café/restaurant in Dubai. It was situated in a fake Swedish castle with guards in uniform at the door. I didn't dare to go in even though I was incredibly hungry. The café/restaurant was called "The Fry Inn". A special brand of tea was served, bearing Stephen's name, 6,50 a cup (whatever currency). I thought it was outrageously expensive.

I went to a bakery instead.

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