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Posted Mon Oct 10th, 2011 6:00am Post subject: Fundraising & Mental Health Awareness

My name is Nikki Mason,Im leader and founder of a fundraising group called The Purple Ladies,made up from a couple of my friends,based and run on facebook.We have just finished a year of fundraising in support of BEAT,the UKs only sole eating disorder charity,Quite a while ago now i found myself in a horrid situation,my daughter was ill, she made me keep a promise that by confiding in me things tht she was going through i would look after her,as a mam would but that i couldnt tell anybody else :-/, What she was experiencing was her eating disorder dominating her life,i found myself isolated,feeling alone scared and uninformed with no idea on where or who to contact for help.Toni-Leigh was deteriorating in front of me physically aswell as mentally,socially etc and i was helpless,couldnt be the mam she deserved and fix it,the kiss it and make it better scenario of childhood wasn't workable,so in response to my hopelessness i created The Purple Ladies.Over the year there has been suicide attempts,illness,time line for survival & miscarriage that Toni-Leigh has had to deal with but finally we held her prom revisited Saturday 8th Oct,we are about to begin our 2nd year of fundraising and have chosen to support SANE,still because of eating disorder awareness but also because of the effect bipolar effective disorder has on my life and possibly my sons.
I believe 1 important aspect that we suffered from during the past year was awareness of ourselves & recognition from the charity as fundraisers,even though we where featured at the start in the local press aswell as on the radio,and i also was nominated and won an award in recognition of the fundraising i was doing,yet still struggle to secure any support locally,im hoping in some way it may be possible to gain some publicity and generate interest in ourselves and what we're hoping to achieve.If anybody can offer any help,support,advice etc and consider The Purple Ladies deserving of such please please do.
Thank you in advance for reading this message

Nikki Mason x
The Purple Lady

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