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Posted Sun Aug 17th, 2008 10:23pm Post subject: Fust bible leaf !!!
Dear Mr Fry

I think this selling on ebay of an original sheet from the official Fust Bible (1462) might interest you.
I want to state clearly that this is no publicitary stunt or whatsoever. I won't get any better from this selling.
I just appreciate your work and by letting you know about this sale I might be able to thank you in a proper way for the most enjoyable and informative documentary on printing.
Yours faithfully

quote from ebay site:
This is a very rare original leaf from the first dated printed Bible of 1462. It was in this Bible that a printer device with the names of Fust and Schöffer appeared for the first time.

The Latin text is printed in black ink in 2 columns with 48 lines. The headline on both sides is hand-painted in red and blue. At the chapter beginnings there are 2 two-line hand-painted initials, one in bluer with red ink ornaments, the other in red with brown ink ornaments as well was the Roman numbers of the chapters (XV and XVI) which are hand-painted in red. The present leaf is from the book Esdras (Ezra) of the Old Testament.

about 40.3 x 29.7 cm

- strong print on heavy paper
- small worm-traces at the lower white margin
- minor stains at the whiter margins

Otherwise in very good condition, according to the high age of more than 500 years.

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