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Posted Wed Jul 8th, 2009 5:19pm Post subject: god damnit
okay, apologies for my ranting about feeling lonely and internet accessibility problems, etc

just found a ftm banjo player online.

...that's why i need tah internets!!

i just...i want a cool "grindr" version, lol, i'm jealous.

"HELLO I'M TACTILE !" is an anagram of my name

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Posted Wed Jul 8th, 2009 11:33pm Post subject: god damnit
Don't apologize Michael....

i never identify with tech articles, they're always written from the point of view of middle class urban people (who are totally great! i have nothing against them Smile). rarely do i see articles about what the internet is to bazillions of rural people, or poor people who access it from a library or pirated connection...or people from certain populations that need a safe way to find each other.

That's because there's a kind of desperation on many peoples parts to be more 'in' than the 'in' are X-D Sleek fashionistas, lazy trustafarians, psuedo-literati's, elitist bullshitters...all bobbing and sweaty to get past each other to the center of some thing X-D Cities attract this... Anyway...when this happens there's an assumption on all their parts that everyone else openly or secretly feels the same and wants the same things...'the poor' or 'the rural' are embarassing to them and the image of an old farmer with an iPod is too insulting a thing to think about X-D

Personally, I think the idea of a guy on a junker bicycle riding past llamas with an iPhone is far more interesting than some "Gucci little piggy" ( thank you Thom Yorke ) with one.

It's hot outside...

Really? Wow.

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