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Posted Wed Sep 5th, 2012 1:04am Post subject: Good for you Austrailia!!

Good news, quoted from the EFF website...

"Public Fights Back

Despite the steady march toward expanded online snooping powers for law enforcement in the name of “national security,” a hefty pile of submissions landed in Parliamentary chambers last week, reflecting strong public opposition to the proposed reforms. A total of 177 submissions, representing thousands of individuals and organizations, flowed in to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security even though the government allowed only a brief timeframe for comment."

Online privacy worldwide is under attack from, of all places, misinformed politicians in the West, the standard bearers of Democracy for a little while now. There's a lot of hand wringing and wailing going on because while there really are serious espionage concerns from enemies, they don't all justify the immense intrusion on citizens privacy and freedoms we would normally enjoy. Austrailia's government, like the UK and America, is seeking ever broader power over what you and I read and say on the internet.

But the citizens of Austrailia pushed back, which is encouraging for many. If you don't know, EFF is the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the above quote is located on their website at

Really? Wow.

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Posted Thu Oct 4th, 2012 8:44am Post subject: Good for you Austrailia!!

My goodness, so we did! Thanks for drawing it to my attention - I had no idea.

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Posted Tue Feb 5th, 2013 12:41pm Post subject: Good for you Austrailia!!

Wonderful to see.

If the Aus government was able to increase their control--by taking it away from ISP's--over the digital infrastructure even by a small degree, it would be incredibly detrimental to citizen's privacy and freedom; much more so than most other developed nations.

I recently noticed how simply they could monitor traffic by looking at this map:

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