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Posted Sat Sep 29th, 2012 6:23pm Post subject: Growing up in Princeton

Stephen, I just watched Stephen Fry in America on Netflix and LOVED it!

I'm so sorry you weren't born in Princeton; you and I would have grown up together there. What fun that would have been (for me, anyway).

But had you grown up in Princeton, Stephen, you would have gone on the obligatory elementary school field trip to Washington Crossing State Park. There you would have learned that on that cold Christmas night, General Washington crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania, not Delaware, to New Jersey.

I hope you'll do a second tour of the US, and treat us all to your wit and wisdom. But do tell your producers to get their American history straight before they send you out!

Best wishes.

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Posted Tue Oct 9th, 2012 11:43pm Post subject: Growing up in Princeton

How much I had to fight to find this book available!!!! I refuse to buy books by internet as I do believe than if each of us make an effort, we'll may help the independ library to survive. Living in France, it seems hopeless for a while. But... I did find it! I'm happy to say we have a few independant english library in some village in the south of France. and so there is one in mine, to Valbonne. And so were this marvelous little treasure. I can tell you it makes me happy as a child when i found it on the shelf. I'm afraid to have scared the poor woman. I just devored the book, the anecdote, I got delight with the wonderful pictures. It allowed me to travel in this amazing country. Really thank you! More of all, you allowed me to get a new point of view on the population, other than the one given by medias or movies. After all, Ignorance can only be fight by objectivity. And it appears to be a book full of objectivity. Full of love too, but an objective love... Waawww, how did you do it?!

So, thanks! xxxx

Si tu acceptes de perdre un peu de ta liberté pour te sentir en sécurité, alors tu ne mérites ni l'un, ni l'autre.


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