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Posted Tue Oct 11th, 2011 2:23am Post subject: Guy Fawkes is watching you!

i know the topic of 'user comments' under articles really gets everyone's hackles in a huff these days...

"I NEVER read those youtube comments. So MEAN!"

"I was reading an articl e about sock washing and you should've seen all those meanies' comments on the site! It's like anonymity makes people mean or something, the mean meanies!"

Well, I DO read comments though I rarely - exceptionally rarely - actually write them. I'm not imaginative or care enough. The topic at hand may or may not be relevant when I do read comments and sometimes the comments are just flat out more entertaining than the video or article.

In case you don't know yet,(presumably you're living underground and deaf or wisely doing something really interesting ), Anonymous are a group who use the ignorance of millions of computer users to create awareness for how bullsh*t everything in the world is. If you've not heard of them, well, be happy. But they generate a great deal of interest, in a variety of ways, for dumb people like me.

I was reading an article regarding the NYSE and someone brought up the whole Anonyboogies going after the NYSE to 'erase' them from the internet. [cue scary music] When I read this
comment about Anonymouse from one person and nearly fell out of my leather-faux-ani-fur-diamond-tiara chair.:

"dear god, some stupid fuck in his mom's basement is going to try to erase the nyse. CALL IN THE MILITARY, WE CAN'T HANDLE THIS ALONE"

Bwahhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahhahaha

And you have my apologies if my trending mindset has interrupted your day and/or you're not interested computers, you're mad as hell, and you're not gonna take it anymore

Really? Wow.

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