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Wilde Woman


Posted Wed Oct 20th, 2010 11:42am Post subject: H series!

Does that mean I have to wait a loooong time before you get to Tesler? I feel a huffy sulk coming on.

And does that mean you're now researching for 'I'?

I... ions, irons! IQ, Indians, Ink.. Idiosycratic... idiots... Ooo a best stop before some shrink does an analysis on me word association! Then again (as I like teasing peeps in a fluffy manner of course )... insane... ideology... intergers...iguanas...iwi...

an 'i' game...

Now write a scenario incorporating as many of these words in as cohesive a tale as possible in just 200 words!

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It's the one who haven't been assessed I'm scared of!

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