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Posted Thu Jan 17th, 2008 5:43pm Post subject: Happisburgh Lighthouse
Would just like to say "yeah" to Mr Fry for including Happisburgh lighthouse in his show.

I have been a devoted fan of the lighthouse since I was tiny wee and we would see it on trips to the seaside with my grandparents.

Last year my fiance, Adrian, found out we could go look round the lighthouse and he took me for a visit. It was a very emotional day.

Adrian and I felt great affinity with the scene with Lyle quaking at the bottom of the spiral staircase, and Peter trying to entice him up to see the view. I can tell you, the view from the top is fantastic. Adrian tells me the view on the ground is good enough!

Just like in "Kingdom", the lighthouse was saved by the local community and is well worth a visit. I hope that it having appeared on the show means that it will get an influx of visitors like Swaffham has.

For more details on the lighthouse:

I loved Kingdom before, but the appearance of Happisburgh lighthouse just sent me into raptures.

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