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Posted Mon Sep 1st, 2008 8:39pm Post subject: Happy Birthday
Dear Mr. Fry,

It is odd that I should feel compelled to write you birthday wishes as it's something I don't even do for my Great Aunt (I'm not sure she'd be interested) and I have never met you, however, I couldn't stop myself.

I am applying to Cambridge this October (Selwyn, I think) and when at the open day I visited Queens' (I apologise if the apotrophe is misplaced) and all I could think was 'Stephen Fry came here.' I realise that makes me sound a little obsessive, especially seeing as how I only thought once while looking round Selwyn: 'Hugh Laurie came here'.

Anyway, I just think you're really brilliant in everything I've seen you do and sincerely wish you a very happy Birthday.

Also, I realise you are very busy and may not even get time to read this message, but even so I thought I would ask a question on the off-chance you might be able to answer me: I started pipe-smoking quite recently as a replacement for cigarettes as I somehow find myself feeling guilty for smoking a Marlboro but can excuse myself for Clan, which is of course ludicrous. Anyway, I need to get a new one and was hoping you might be able to reccommend something, being the last pipe smoker of the year.

Of course I understand if you are too busy.

Best Birthday Wishes,


P.S. I believe my piano teacher, Caroline Clemmow (as in Goldstone and Clemmow) wrote to you to express how much she enjoyed The Ode Less Travelled. She suggested I have a read and I also just wanted to say thank you; you have made my A-Levels so much easier! Sorry to mention it but she was very exited about writing to you!

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