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Posted Sat Mar 8th, 2008 7:24pm Post subject: Harry Tipper JR in... National Hero
A little story of mine about a teenaged SuperSpy. Read on, and enjoy...

Harry Tipper JR.
National Hero

Year: 1970
Location: Khallos Island
“Wake up, Mister Tipper, it seems you’re my guest yet again.”
Harry Tipper JR is one of the world’s only child special agents, right now he is trapped on a steel table with shackles holding down his arms and ankles.
“I don’t think much of the... hospitality.”
“You never take your death seriously enough, ” cut in the sinister voice. Harry heard a whine as a button was pushed, and the table turned to face a viewing window.
“I thought this had your stench all over it, Khallos!” Harry moaned accusingly.
“I’m pleased you still have your sense of smell, Mister Tipper.” Khallos retorted.
“Let’s cut to the chase. Just give me the missile codes... Heh, and maybe I’ll go easy on you,” Harry bargained.
“You are in no position to bargain, Tipper. The codes will be staying with me,” Khallos spoke, pointing towards himself.
“Has anyone ever told you...” Harry began, unscrewing a panel on the side of the table, “You have a screw loose?”
“Nyes!” Khallos yelled, banging his fist on the control panel.
“But in two minutes, I will still be in one piece. Unlike yourself. Meet Dr Simmons, Tipper.”
Harry screamed, Mr Simmons was a cruel and sadistic man.
“He has kindly built a laser beam, it will slice you in half.” Simmons rubbed his hands gleefully at his remark.
Simmons pushed a button
“You have 30 seconds to live Tipper!”
As the laser ran closer towards Harry, he pulled frantically at the wires made accessible by the panel.
Simmons, however was the one to die. Harry pulled a wire out, and the laser stopped.
Khallos was stunned. Simmons even more so. He played frantically at the control panel. Khallos glared reproachfully at Simmons.
“Is there a problem, Mr Simmons?” Khallos asked menacingly.
“N-not at all, Mr Khallos,” Simmons answered in a worried tone. The laser moved to point at Harry’s head. Mr Simmons smiled.
The laser fired and reflected off Harry’s sunglasses. It hit Simmons squarely between the eyes. He let out a blood-curdling scream and disintegrated into a pile of smouldering ashes.
Khallos’s jaw had dropped very low, then he noticed the laser-gun had turned in his direction. He ran for it just in time as the gun let loose a bolt of lighting energy.
The laser went haywire, and pointed at Harry again.
“Not...Good...” Harry grunted.
The laser moved and fired, removing the shackles one by one.
“Hey, not bad!” Harry admitted.
Harry had decided to hide in a broom closet where he got news of what to do on his temporal uplink
Stop Khallos!
Get evidence of Khallos weapons.
Upload virus to main computer.
Attain missile codes.
Additional info:
Agents Cannes and Baker have been sent to help you. Good Luck.

Garry Cannes sneaked down a corridor. He ducked into a room. As he took cover behind a crate, he saw two guards talking.
“So, I heard some cheering last night. What’s going on?” one asked in a Russian accent.
“Yes, they found some crystals that Mr Khallos has been looking for. They got them through the mail. I hear Misha found them.” The other answered in an American accent.
“So what do they look like?”
“I hear they glow with a weird inner light-“
“What? Like a lava lamp?” the other cut in.
“No, Viktor you fool! Listen, get back to work, eh? Mr Khallos will be inspecting the crates soon, and then there’ll be plenty to do.” The American scolded the Russian.
“So- You hear about the empty submarine?” The Russian enquired.
“Yeah... It sailed into the docks. It was empty. Just like the Mary Celeste...”
“Mary who?”
“I don’t know. The only Mary I know work in maintenance. She repairs old boilers. Come to think of it, she’s a bit of an old boiler herself,” came the voice of a third guard. A German by the sounds of his voice.
“Hey, didn’t you used to date her?” the Russian pointed at the American.
“Hey, shutup!” said the American.
“Ah, yes, I forgot. She dumped you, didn’t she?” noted the Russian, a note of sarcasm in his voice. Garry shook his head in disbelief.

Harry had met up with Garry and was walking through the base. The saw a large TV held up by steel girders. Suddenly, the TV flashed into life. Khallos was on the air.
“Hello, Tipper. I believe you know this young lady...” Khallos pointed towards a vat of acid. Dangling above it was Felicity.
“It’s not cool to take another guy’s girl, Khallos!” Harry yelled.
“Ah, yes. I’m afraid she’s a little tied up at the moment, but don’t fret, I have a feeling she’ll be free shortly...” Khallos sniggered. Harry flinched at Khallos’ bad jokes.
“But until then, Ta ta!”

Khallos beckoned the young man.
“Come here, Captain,” he said menacingly. Khallos was holding a stick of dynamite. Suddenly two men grabbed the captain and forced his mouth open. Khallos put the dynamite down his throat.
“That is for betraying me captain.” The captain made strange noise between a gulp and a croak.
“And this is for being an insufferable little git!” a trapdoor appeared under the captain, he let out a muffled scream as he fell into the abyss. A huge bang followed and Khallos gave a maniac like laugh.
“The fool betray me to Tipper, he deserved to die.” The two men flinched.

Harry saw Felicity above the acid.
“Harry!” cried Felicity.
“Felicity!” cried Harry.
“Your time is up,” cried the loudspeaker.
Just as the rope lowered, Gary swung from the ceiling, shot the rope and caught Felicity before she fell to oblivion.
Harry and Felicity hugged each other.
Khallos of course was watching on CCTV
“Prepare my weapons I’ll stop them myself!”

Garry carried on exploring the base and shooting a few guards and hacking computers. He turned into a room and saw cages with people in them. He picked the lock and the people ran out muttering thanks and talking about revenge.
After they all ran out one girl stayed there. Gary walked up to her.
“Hi I’m April Mc-collie.” she said.
“I’m Gary Cannes , I ….” April was too close for Gary’s comfort. Suddenly she embraced him. This was new feeling for Gary. Her face was getting closer and closer…all of a sudden something huge walked in, it was a cyborg.
“Oh my God.” said April
“Here can you pack heat?” asked Gary, he gave her two pistols and he grabbed his shotgun.
“Hey- I’ll give you the count of three to get out.” said Gary.
The cyborg got closer.
He got even closer
He raised his arm…
The freak slashed with his claw. Gary’s shotgun flew across the room. April opened fire. The freak went closer two her and gave a huge roar then crushed the pistol’s. She ran to Gary in horror and hugged him. The cyborg walked over to them, he raised his arm ready to slash at the two cowering teenagers when it opened its mouth and collapsed to the ground with a knife lodged in it’s head. Gary and April gave a sigh of a relief, with Harry and Felicity behind the cyborg.

After a brief introduction they moved on. The group went to large room with many missiles inside. Harry took a few pictures and went over to a computer, he put a floppy disk in and typed in a code.
A small window opened on the computer screen. Harry copied and pasted the letters onto his disk.
“I’ve got the codes. Now to upload the virus.”
“Virus uploaded.” said a calm robot voice of the computer. The virus had affected the computer already and the loudspeaker was calling out random alerts such as: “Attention, there’s no business like show business.”
“Ok now for Khallos.” said Harry
“Yes I think this will be very eventful,” said a voice that came from a shadow of a missile. A man walked in. This was Lt Misha Straskov, Khallos’ maniac of a second in command. However, it was not him that had spoken.
“Khallos.” whispered Harry.
“Yes and take a look at my jet-pack!” Khallos spoke as the hovered in from the shadow of a missile.
Harry, Felicity, April and Gary opened fire. Khallos returned fire with a laser gun. Lt Misha fired a few shots but was shot in the arm by Felicity. A few of Harry’s shots hit the jet-pack and it flew out of control.
“I will have my revenge!!” cried Khallos as he flew out of the of the window.
“Cool,” said Felicity
They turned to look at Lt Misha’s injured self, but he was nowhere to be seen.
Harry’s beeped and a transmission came through.
“Hello Harry, we’ve already found Khallos and I think he’ll do a lot of time behind bars, anyway I have a reward for you…”

Ahh this is the life!” said Harry
The reward was a cruise in the Caribbean all expenses paid.
Suddenly some choppers flew in overhead. On the choppers there were signs saying:
Khallos Corporation

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