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Posted Mon Jan 21st, 2013 11:18am Post subject: Heartsease


If I could purge your picture from my soul,

Love shed by that deep wound would fill the world,

Not like a tempest that is onward hurled

But gently, easing sadness, making whole

Men’s harms, who else in life’s wild torrents roll

Uncared for, hurt and hurting, while they’re whirled

Midst envy, loss and doubt; but you unfurled

Your life for me, your Beauty paid the toll

I owed to grief, so left my life with joy.

Each time we meet, you make my heart seem new

As when, bewitched by birdsong as a boy,

I walked enchanted through the morning dew;

I can forget that I’m but fate’s poor toy:

I only live because I live for you.

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