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busy clippers


Posted Tue Dec 4th, 2007 3:21pm Post subject: holidaze
I don't mean to be negative, but is anyone else here dreading the upcoming holiday madness? I'm already starting to get calls and invitations from friends, family, and those people who only have time to see you at Christmas. I can't imagine attending any parties as I am now, it's too much of a strain - especially since people seem to expect me to be witty and entertaining. They become almost histrionic when you are not available to go and have wine and cheese and admire their decorations, go caroling, help wrap presents, go shopping, and they say the most dreadful things! I know I'm overly sensitive just now, but I am finding this incredibly traumatic. It's as if the whole town's having a manic episode while I"m at the opposite end of the spectrum. Why can't people take a simple, "No thank you, I can't, but have a great time" as a final answer? I'll crawl out of this eventually, but in the mean time I need peace.

Any hints, tips, tricks for me, anybody?

PS: Interesting site linked below, but she says "force people to acknowledge your illness." How does one do that when one wants absolutely no attention whatsoever??

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