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Posted Fri Dec 31st, 2010 5:43am Post subject: Homosexual vs. Transgender

Hello again

Didn't know where to post this topic either. I thought I would stick it here cuz its a discussion. Anywho..

This idea came to me one night just randomly. I know there are alot of disscusions about homosexuallity across the forums, but what are peoples thoughts on Transgenderism??

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Posted Fri Aug 12th, 2011 3:09pm Post subject: Homosexual vs. Transgender

You might want to post some more specific questions to get the ball rolling. Maybe General Musings would've been a better pace for this thread, this board is not particularly active.

Personally I don't have any issues with being transgender. I believe in being open minded about things. I know it's a hot issue in feminist and LGBTQI communities. I tend to get annoyed by feminist events and/or activities that state only "self-defining women" are allowed to attend and take part. I don't like women only events, societies etc as it is. I think it is really important in the coming years for the feminist movement to get more men on board rather than excluding them. I really hate it when people use arguments that excluding men is ok because now they get to know what it feels like to be opressed is so petty and childish. It's on the level of a child saying "she hit me so I hit her back".

Ok I'll stop now, I've gone off on a weird tangent here. Sorry.

Assuming direct control...

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Posted Sun Sep 18th, 2011 4:07pm Post subject: Homosexual vs. Transgender

The only people I know with thoughts about this at all essentially want LGBT people completely eradicated from the planet. I have thoughts about THAT, but regarding any particular gender thing, I don't honestly care. If a person is harming nobody then I'm not even sure that I ought to have an opinion on their gender. Personally I wish things like that were not apparent in a persons appearance or demeanour as I can't see why it matters, but since we can then I hope the world changes and becomes more accepting of all sorts. I have come across the most terrible rhetoric regarding LGBT people, including suggestions they should be 'cured', killed, mentally conditioned, denied simple routs and freedoms etc. It seems they are fair game for the press, especially hateful little creatures like Melanie Phillips et al. I cannot see why people should be so threatened by their existence really.

If you wish to learn something then the night sky is the best university you could hope to attend. Have a look tonight.

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Posted Wed Feb 8th, 2012 11:17pm Post subject: Homosexual vs. Transgender

I am very well straight though I have no problem with those people who would want to sway away from the norm either. I am not saying this because I have friends who are in the LGBT community but I just think that they deserve support than anything.

They are not showing problems with how we could stay straight so there should be a common ground for both parties to work with.

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