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Posted Thu Aug 11th, 2011 2:57pm Post subject: How's your FaceBook?

Uh ohhhhhhhhh....Anonymous are threatening the total destruction of FaceBook effective 5 November. This comes on the heels of taking down the Syrian gov's website ( for killing 2,000 protestors secretly since those particular revolts ), and tunneling into NATO db's...

They charge FB with the fact that the company says they know more about their users than their families do. Well, that's not all that unusual But the privacy stuff, FB selling stuff to police depts or just giving them info outright etc etc...

They hacked all those gmail accts when google shut down their google+ account. But they didn't exactly wipe out google. They may, though, as result of the attack improved security (some) for googles users.

Will they do it? They've never really wiped out, in the totally gone sense, any website for good.

They also say once FB is gone, they'll be putting up a truly secure social networking site.

Not everyone in this loose collective is agreement about the FB attack. And there's so much disinformation between various sources that it's very difficult for the 'average' google or fb user to know at various points who's just behind the scenes when on the internet. Chinese spies? Teenage hackers? Disgruntled workers? Alex Jones? who knows?

Shorter point: FB knows about the threat so maybe your account's safe, maybe it's not. But thought I'd mention for anyone who may not have heard it yet.

Really? Wow.

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