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Posted Mon Oct 8th, 2007 7:49pm Post subject: humans nicked my soul
We have all been captured by humans!

I look at things from a Darwinian perspective, mostly thinking about humans – though I would probably include cats or any high level or at least furry creature in this. There is evidence that evolution encourages the use of virtually any method for one to “get ahead”. With seeing, smelling or being able to run straight up the curtains being a few of the features natural selection has encouraged. Sometimes in nature, animals use devious ways to their advantage, parasites, cuckoos, plaintive mewing for a bowl of kibbles when u know your partner fed them half an hour ago – in essence cheating.

Which brings me on to thinking and being, and I guess, my point. Our soul, cat or human, seems to me to be a pretty useful thing for an animal to have. I feel that my thinking and involvement in my human body must give the animal that is me, quite an advantage. So perhaps my soul has actually been captured by my animal body. My human body has pinched it from wherever it lives and has it installed in this animal – to use to its advantage. My body feeds my soul pretty pointless goals – mow the lawn, admire car – pet cat. All it is really interested in is human animal stuff – competing with other humans and making more small humans to further the human race.

I used to know a very depressed person who said that she felt that she was the only sane person she knew, she saw the futility of “life”, the pointless things people are concerned with – and the no real end or reason to it. Maybe she was very sane – too sane. Her body was not feeding her the right control drugs – serotonin or endorphins, and she was realising what was really going on.

Worrying. Have to go, my human is asking me to put the cat out.

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