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Posted Mon May 25th, 2009 12:30pm Post subject: I can't believe
Two days ago, former president of South Korea passed away. When I first heard the news, I thought it was an accident. But later, after revealed he committed suicide, I was shocked. I don't have any religion, so I don't regard the suicide as a deadly sin. But, in addition to the death itself, the circumstances around this tragedy make me very sad.

I'm not very political person. I have only very superficial, slightest idea of politics-the party concerning for my welfare gets my vote. Yes, I vote. And read or watch the news on specific policies.That's all.

But I adored president Roh. He cared about human rights. He shed a tear for other people's pain. He casted a National Assembly member's nameplate at former dictator's, no, I rather say, a murderer's face. Maybe Mr. Roh was too emotional to be a politician.

My thought was, roughly, "At least he's here. " To help you understand this, I'll make simple explanation. Korea is very conservative country. How conservative? I think I'm very conservative person, but in Korea, I can be regarded as rowdy liberal. Moreover, this country's idea of so-called 'left-right' is so weird. Consider there's huge conservative party. And smaller, slightly less conservative party. And much more smaller, equally conservative party. And really small labour party.

And the huge one calls all the other parties a Lefty. Or more traditionally, a Red.

I think Joseph McCarthy's ghost chose his haunted house in Korea.
Believe me. Some Korean elders even didn't like the idea of Red T-shirts in 2002 World Cup Games.

Of course, there's North Korea up there. Avoiding the risk of war is not very bad idea. But if a politician call other person a Left, or a Red because the person is slightly liberal than himself? It's a different problem.

Former president Kim Dae-Jung and Roh were from the 'smaller, slightly less conservative' party. However, conservative Korean people regarded them as a Left.

Kim got a Novel Peace Prize in 2000, and we got V for Vendetta here in 2009. The Korean Candlelight Protest in 2008 is, a protest against importing beef at the very first time. But later it became a protest against the government of president Lee. They have threaten people in peaceful demonstrations with water cannon. They tried to wiretapping instant messengers. They censored portal site main. How lame. How shame. I don't even make any attempt to describe Lee's concept of Grand Korean Waterway.

To long. Sorry.

Anyway I'm very angry now. The police department sent 100 of police force to Roh's mortuary. They were disguised as common guest, but detected. The police department said "It seems that we need force there when the government party representative visited. "

"It seems", Huh.

They rejected a request of using central square to hold a memorial ceremony. They placed police buses in front of public incense-burning spaces for the dead. And the chief of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said "Someone says it's cozier. "

"Cozier", Huh.

Now they are trying to ban people from gathering in specific events, I mean demo, and use Swine Flu as an excuse.

Though I'm still angry, but this is really, literally, ridiculous. I just burst into a nervous laughter. I can't believe my eyes.

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Maxx England


Posted Mon May 25th, 2009 5:55pm Post subject: I can't believe
If I look back through history, I come to the conclusion that successful rulers arrange to have many lesser individuals in a bureaucracy under them to look after the day to day running of things. These lesser personalities live in a state of perpetual fear of loss of position, rank, status, income, liberty or (in the worst cases) life and when faced with events outside of their own profoundly limited experience, they panic. They overreact to the point where a sort of corporate insanity takes over, and that is what is happening where you are. I have no advice to offer except to smile, say yes, and think carefully before you act or speak; there is an engineering saying I have repeated to others on this forum and it works as a very good rule to live by.

Measure twice and cut once.

Take care, Lefty!

The only way is forward. Now where's the bar?

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Posted Thu Jun 4th, 2009 7:50am Post subject: I can't believe
Recently I was reading this forum only occasionally, so that I had no chance to say you thanks. Thanks, Maxx. Though the situation now is a chaos, I feel much better. We here don't have any big elections for a while, so I might sit back, lean back and buy some popcorn, as my friend always says.

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