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Posted Mon Dec 24th, 2012 6:19am Post subject: I have invented a gadget that i'd love to get on the show...

Spent over 2.5 years on this project, it isn't quite finished yet but should be finished February/March, it is the most comprehensive retro gaming console system ever built, by a factor 3x anything done before, and has a major uniqueness; one integrated controller for all systems (not separate), one power supply, one video output (SCART). It also uses original gaming console hardware, with a lot of modding done, rather than emulation. I have invented and built the system. There is still more work to do on the system, more systems to integrate, and of course a casing to make it look pretty, which is being undertaken.

I've been asked to present it as a speaker in 2013 at the Revival gaming event.

This is totally real, it is well documented on my forum as "Project Unity" and also on my YouTube videos, as per my channel :

There will only be this one system made, ever; and it isn't for sale (unless was given an offer for it I couldn't refuse of course); it's promotion for me is more about awareness, to show it off, publicity, not financial gain; and it's something unique, and I thought might be of interest to Gadget Man.

So, why am I posting this? What I would really like is to bring this system to the attention of Stephen, to ask if he would be interested in including the system on his Gadget Man show for maybe the next series, or the one after that?

I have no way of course of emailing him, but would be most grateful if he might be interested in looking at this project (my YouTube Channel is the best and quick way) so far, and if he deems it Quite Interesting, and would like to include it in his show, to perhaps drop me a line with his thoughts, expectations and deadlines, and a way I might be able to contact him on in the future (obviously in confidence).

Sorry for the long post but it was necessary to convey the authenticity of my gadget, my credibility and also a background too. Posting this topic here seemed the best way to stand a chance of getting the item to Stephen's attention. Perhaps a moderator here might be so very kind please to PM him on my behalf; and if he's interested, perhaps contact me? (I imagine the best way is probably via PM here as i'll know it's from him then?).

Many thanks,


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