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Posted Mon Aug 11th, 2008 4:38am Post subject: I just wandered in...
Greetings, Mr. Fry,
I went searching for a DVD of Kingdom, and, alas, it's only on the UK Amazon, not Perhaps it will be available in the States before too long. It recently aired on PBS here, but, regrettably, I had to miss several episodes.

I enjoyed your comments of last April regarding your tour of the U.S. and its nearly infinite variety of people and regions. Did you really make it to all fifty states? I hope you didn't travel up the Mississippi from New Orleans this last June or you would have had difficulty with the massive flooding. [Incidentally, in case some American quizzes you about the route of the Mississippi, it does not flow between New Orleans and Chicago.]

What is the name of the BBC documentary about America? Any news on its release?

I also enjoyed the imagery traced by your agonizing comments about dancing. It was so evocative I was squirming in my chair, haunted by memories of debilitating embarrassment. To be avoided at nearly all costs.

Thank you for offering a forum to share thoughts. I admire the breadth and brilliance of your work. And, since the earliest messages about your birthday were posted near this time last year, birthday greetings as well. The 50s aren't so dreadful, and I comfort myself with the gritty truth that I would never want to relive my youth.

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