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Posted Sun Aug 9th, 2009 4:16am Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

This is a first for me, handing a little newborn writing piece over to you ravenous wolves ( wink ), but I thought perhaps they could be adopted and 'raised' into a nice little story. Think of Zog and Transfer as two kids you care about and you have influence over their destinies and attitudes.

So, let me introduce them to you, but only briefly. I think they will rather speak for themselves as you guide them on and teach them their language.

"Here is the known backgrounds of Zog and Transfer.

Zog found his name in an old science fiction magazine, and then not too many months later both lost the magazine and could no longer recall its title. ( And it would be unwise to ask as reminding Zog of his poor memory issues tends to result in angry outbursts and swearing ). Take a bow Zog. ( Zog bows to you all..)

Now, Transfer was named after his grandmothers bus ticket, when
she suddenly began giving birth to his father whilst on the
way to work. The driver put her off at a bus stop and gave her a
transfer ticket for the route that went by the hospital. The transfer ticket remained in the palm of her hand as she scuttled
Transfer father into the world. Later, she framed the transfer
ticket and hung it over her sons bed. When he grew and met Transfers mother, and they had him, it was decided he would be named Transfer.And so it is. So Transfer, take a bow to these lovely folks
( Transfer bows to you...)

There. It's formal now, this little adoption of a story process is in full effect. I look forward to seeing how anyone of you might raise Zog and Transfer and reading about their adventures. There's one caveat: if Zog or Transfer are being abused, I will have to reinsert myself into the story in some manner to rescue them and...I think the mob calls is 'whacking'...and I'll have to 'whack' you for putting the children in any danger and your writing rights will be forever revoked in their lives. Capiche? <<<<grin>>>>

Have fun and be nice to the babies

Really? Wow.

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Posted Sun Aug 9th, 2009 10:49pm Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

Aunty Mavis looked out of the window again. Soon they would be here. Her great Nephew little Zog, coming to stay for the summer and with him his little friend Transfer.

Aunty Mavis was very pretty. Very old, but very pretty.

She bustled about some more. Tidying and re-tidying and then wondering why.

Two little boys would hardly keep the place neat.

And then the car drew up. Out came Zog's father, her brother and his much younger wife. Her brother was called Zerephim and his young wife Zelda.

Despite the sixty year age gap Zelda had married for love and not for Zerephim's multi-million dollar lottery win.

And then, oh how wonderful, little Zog. Six years old and wearing his trademark sunglasses and little Transfer dressed as his 'hero' ex-president Bill Clinton. How adorable he was in his tiny suit!

Zerephim came up the path on his walking frame. Zelda in her mini skirt, bikini top and leopard skin bootees preceded him with the little boys. Each pulling a little suitcase behind them.

Aunty Mavis clapped her hands together with joy!

They were here at last!

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Posted Mon Aug 10th, 2009 5:51am Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

The clan hugged each other in rounds, two by two, then formed a circle, joined hands and let out, on Aunty Mavis' 1-2-3 count, a loud "Rippity roooo! Rippity roooo! Rippity roooo!".

Aunty Mavis bot-dog said,"I still think you humans are mocking me."
So Zog scampered over to the bot-dog, named Mr.Christian, and said with a pat to his shiny, plastic shoulders,"Naw Mr.Christian, you know we'd never mock our favorite bot-dog. I missed you a lot in fact."

"Thank you." said Mr.Christian,"I don't care what they say about you Zog, you're quire an OK human." Zog laughed and said,"Now you're just trying to start trouble. That's a good boy!"

Transfer had been mulling around while the adults exchanged ideas for the rest of the evening, when he noticed Zog and Mr.Christian. He walked up, squatted down, and hugged the bot-dog with a great, strong hug. Mr.Christian chirped a little grunt out and Zog giggled.

"Say Zog, let's go explore my Aunts bunker before dinner. She used to have a lab down there. You game?" inquired Transfer.

Zog jumped from his adoration of Mr.Christian and said,"You bet Zog! Let's go now, before they try to stop us from going!"

Mr.Christian said,"I wouldn't recommend that boys. You know that..."
Transfer stomped his foot and said,"Aw Mr.Christian, don't get all dull and boring with us. Besides, we want you to come too."

The lights in Mr.Christians eyes sparkled and danced. He opened his little metal jaw, protruding a pink, synthetic tongue, began wagging his mechanical tail and said,"Of course I will come! I can't have you two lads running around with my genius to help you out. I'm ready when you are..."

Really? Wow.

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Posted Mon Aug 10th, 2009 10:24am Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

And so off they scampered, the three of them.

Aunty Mavis called, 'Where are you off to now?'

Zog answered. He thought it was best as he wore sunglasses and the grown ups wouldn't be able to see the little green man that appears in your eyes when you tell a fib.

Or even a massive disgusting lie.

'We're just off to sit on the back porch and identify flowers and wildlife Aunty'.

The grow-ups made a collective noise like sheep who had been smoking way too much weed.

It was how they expressed fondest, fondest joy!

The boys and Mr Christian skipped away together, making a quick turn down some steps into the cellar.

Or what used to be a cellar! Using her high tech DIY skills Aunty Mavis had constructed a lab that would have rivaled anything from the popular 60's TV series 'Star Trek'.

She even had a replica blow up doll of a young William Shatner in her wardrobe for.....................authenticity!

The little boys marvelled at the place.

Glass jars and strange shaped bottles all connected by tubes and wires bubbled and spluttered away.

One of them looked like a kettle.

In the corner stood a great big ice cube like structure. Easily ten feet by ten feet wide. The boys went over to it. Mr Christian padded along behind them.

'Strange' said the bot dog. 'I've never seen that before'

Transfer gasped......

'There's something moving inside it! Something gyrating in a disturbing manner!'

'Hmmm' said Mr Christian. He did briefly wonder if there was a TV stuck inside and it was permanently on the MTV music channel.

But no, as it moved again he could see that it was of a very large size.

As the three stood wondering they failed to notice a slight and thin crack that was starting to appear along the edge of the giant cube....

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Posted Tue Aug 11th, 2009 5:10am Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

Transfer said,"What do we do?!" and became very nervous and excited.

Mr.Christian said,"I think maybe we should find a weapon to defend ourselves. You know, just in case."

Zog said,"But what?" while Transfer yelped,"Hurry up! It's breaking apart fast!"
Zog run after to a counter that had a hunting knife on it. He grabbed it and on his way back, grabbed a broom handle and some tape. Then he very rapidly taped the knife and secured it to the end of the broom handle best he could, and ran towards the giant ice cube.

He stopped and stood in a childs version of a self-defense stance. Transfer moved behind him, breathing heavily. Mr.Christian wagged his tongue. As the crack grew wider, he began to bark repeatedly. The boys were so transfixed with this event that they barely noticed him.

Suddenly they could hear grunting and see some sort of body moving around inside, as if trying to fight its way out. It sounded like it had a very odd voice and this only increased Transfers anxiety that much more. None of them had any idea what they were watching.

Another grunt was followed by a strong movement and the ice cube rocked a little. And just as quickly, they noticed a giant, purple foot come crashing through the ice at the bottom of it all. Bits of ice chards flew across the room and one hit Mr.Christian.

He shook it off saying,"Well that's a rather rude way to be introduced." The boys turned and shushed him in unison, leaving Mr.Christian feeling very embarassed and scolded. Which he did not like at all.

Soon the leg was breaking through the ice cube and another foot followed. Then a huge purple fist burst through the left wall of the ice cube. The boys and Mr.Christian backed up a few extra steps, as clearly the entire ice structure was quickly coming apart.

Soon they heard a voice come forth from the cube. Given the size of the being they were surprised to hear the higher pitched voice of a woman. But she wasn't happy.

"If anyone's watching me, you should know that this is very difficult to break free from. The least you could do is help me out of this mess. Are there no princes among you?"

The boys looked at each other silently, debating about this challenge. Should they help this she-being or not?

Really? Wow.

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Posted Tue Aug 11th, 2009 11:38am Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

'You cads!' scolded Mr Christian, getting his own back for being scolded earlier.

Oh Yes! This time it was Zog and Transfer's turn to be embarrassed!

But anyway..................

Mr Christian went on,

'We've got to help this poor woman! Come on boys! Let's show her what we're made of!'

Transfer briefly wondered about his Armani suit, but put it aside. His Uncle Harry could always steal him another one.

And so the fearless three lunged forward and began hacking, kicking and in the case of Mr Christian, licking the ice cube.

Gradually it fell apart, or melted, or both.

And there, stood before them was a vision in purple. A huge, beautiful woman with a tiny waist, enormous......feet and the purple face of an angel.

Her thick purple hair cascaded around her shoulders and her glittering purple eyes shone as she smiled.

'Thanks fellas! I thought I was stuck there forever!'

Mr Christian put on his best and deepest voice.

'Fair maiden! It is indeed our pleasure to bring you forth into the world and see you emerge in all your purplesque glory!'

'Oh!' quoth the maiden. 'Actually I've only been in there for a day. I'm from the IRS. I came to look over Miss Aunty Mavis's accounts and she fired a huge ray gun at me an the next thing I knew I was be'ice-cubed!'

Mr Christian wondered how he had missed all this. And then remembered that he'd had an hour at the gym yesterday, and then a drink with the boys and so it probably happened then. He certainly would have discouraged Aunty mavis.

'Well' sputtered Zog 'Aunty Mavis! Who would have thought it!'

'My Armani has held out well' said Transfer.

The four now stopped, above them they heard the sound of footsteps approaching..............

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Posted Wed Aug 19th, 2009 8:20pm Post subject: I present to you: Zog and Transfer

and as if the footsteps knew they were listening, they stopped.

This four person crew, oddly populated, stayed silent and still for a few seconds while looking at each other. All wondering in unison if the steps would begin again. They did not.

"Maybe it was just a squirrel,"Transfer suggested very quietly.

But they all remained in place, not speaking, for another minute. As heart beats slowed, each in turn, muscles and minds relaxed. With natural group-think, they settled and decided whatever the footsteps had been up to, they were all at a stale mate. And no one can bear that for too long.

"You know, that's only one pair of footsteps anyway. Amongst ourselves we have at least six.", stated Transfer.

Mr.Christian rolled his little mechanical eyes and bit his little synthetic tongue for fear of hurting Transfers feelings by pointing out his poor math skills.

"Would it be a good time for introductions?", asked Mr.Christian.
"Great idea!", said Zog,"So Ma'am, my name is Zog, and this here is Transfer, and the dog is Mr.Christian. What's your name?".

"My name is translated as "Cometh the Killer." So, my freinds often just call me Killer.", the purple woman said.

Zog winced and tilted his head,"I don't mean to be rude. But that's odd name for a lady isn't it? 'Killer'?"

"Not where I'm from kid,"and her purple iris of her eyes swirled as a sly grin stretched her lips.

"I think it's a grrreat name for any lady!",Mr.Christian slightly growled out. And he wagged his tail at her.

"And you, little bot-dog, be very grateful that you and your bright brain are not trapped in flesh like ours.", Killer purred at him.

Transfer decided it was time for him to speak up.

"Killer, is my Aunty Mavis in much trouble? I'm very terrified of the IRS. We hear you actually eat people and stuff."

Killer strolled over to some of the bottles, inspecting them with her flashing eyes and the tips of her purple fingers. Her entire form was entrancing, even to Mr.Christian. Well, the big feet were an unusual touch, but rather than standing out in any way, Killer seemed to walk with them in a very eased and graceful way. She was musing to herself and wondering how much of the truth these little boys could handle. She suddenly felt a surge of her own power and she liked it. Very much.

She turned slowly on her heel, licked her lips with a lavender tinted tonuge, and said,"Boys, everyone grows up with a job to do. Mine is to, well, be diplomatic while performing sometimes painful tasks."

"For yourself?",Mr.Christian asked, already knowing the answer.

Killer smiled. "No, Mr.Christian. Never for myself."

"I thought not.",Mr.Christian mumbled at his feet.

Transfer was becoming nervous. The thought of his beautiful Aunty Mavis suffering even the slightest of pains made his stomach hurt. And Killer had been hit with Aunty's freeze-ray.

Then the footsteps again!!

This time picking up their pace and heading down in their direction.

Killer spun on her heels and looked up. As she did so, the boys noticed a tail begin to emerge from her backside. It had spikes on it. And scales were forming on her skin just as two of her teeth began growing down, as fangs.

Mr.Christian ran behind Zog, and Zog ran behind Transfer. The three were at a stand still again. Transfer couldn't make himself move and was beginning to panic inside.

But before it took over he yelled upwards,"Aunty Mavis!! Is that you?!!"....................

Really? Wow.

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