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Posted Sun Feb 17th, 2013 10:15pm Post subject: If The Earth Had A Pocket

It's a bit late for St Valentine's Day but here goes anyway:

If The Earth Had A Pocket

If the Earth had a pocket for spare change,
a place where all its superfluities
could be safely stuffed as it scrambles
round the heavens like a giddy schoolboy,
playing marbles with the planets and the Sun,
with space for crumbled cliffs, salt-laden lakes,
bolt-blasted forests, dried up river-beds,
mile-wide herds of hopeless wildebeest,
stranded without water, ice mountains
fleeing from Antarctic shores, Pacific
islands sinking under rising seas –
if there were such a compendious place,
all-embracing in its vastness, then it
could just about fit in my love for you,
with, right on the top, just room enough
for a single, heartfelt kiss: x

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