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Posted Sat Dec 13th, 2008 5:45pm Post subject: i'm going to need a new pair of boots
Bikes are OK, just understand that you are vulnerable and everyone else on the road is a mentally deficient blind murderer and you'll get by.

I just wonder, is there one make of car in the US that bike riders hate and fear for the incompetence/callous disregard for others of it's drivers? Here it's Volvos, I know 3 people all lost all or part of a leg in a road accident, common link, VOLVO. The problem is even if you don't get hurt when you get knocked off by them, you can't punch the drivers. The guide dogs bite you.

I can't speak for the entire nation, but it isn't so much a particular make as it is a type of vehicle. I instinctively distance myself from the big SUV's because I've been hit and knocked off twice by one of those, and once down the fear then becomes the oncoming traffic behind you threatening to turn you into a human pinball.

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Posted Sun Dec 14th, 2008 10:12pm Post subject: i'm going to need a new pair of boots
i ditto that. but i don't ride a motorcycle i ride a bike-bike. bicycle.

not long ago a f*king jeep cherokee HONKED & PASSED me with a narrow amount of room, only to go SLOWER than i was riding my bike. just to get to the stopsign ahead of me.

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Posted Sun Dec 14th, 2008 10:25pm Post subject: i'm going to need a new pair of boots
I've had car drivers fight like hell to stop me overtaking in the past, going 10+ mph faster than they were and then slow down to 5 mph slower. Best trick I found, especially on a twisty country road, was to go hard past them into a tight corner and see if they wanted to brake as hard and late as I did , and then turn as hard with the throttle open. Thing is, I've got a good few years of track racing under my belt, so, like most racers, I've got a damn sight better idea of how hard you can push than most car drivers, so it's sort of cruel, but they do leave you alone after.

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