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Posted Tue Oct 27th, 2009 12:43am Post subject: In The House - A thread for House Fans

House Fans: We may oscillate but always come back to center.

We Yanks are very proud of 'our' House and rightly so! The show appears in the top ten best shows week after week and unless you have gone to the moon in search of water you know it stars Hugh Laurie as the lead character. (Hmm...Where have I heard that name before? Didn't he play "A Bit" in one of Stephen's earlier shows?)

Doctor Gregory House is what many of us see as American, in that we pride ourselves as the sort of people with the freedom to say what wish and not to put up with any shyte, if I may borrow the word. (I promise to return it.)

He is a loner. In another time and place he may have been a cowboy with only one close friend or Doc Holiday and I will let you come to your own conclusion on that.

American’s by and large love a rebel. Perhaps you recall a rather brutish incident involving a salt-water harbor in Boston and crates of tea? Some gentlemen in red coats called our forefathers ‘Rebels’. Well really! But away from this unpleasant disagreement with our dear cousins shall we go, and no hard feelings.

House is what we Yanks would like to see in ourselves. He is right. He saves lives. He makes no apologies for it. He isn’t neat. He has the bravery of his certainties, even if he is an ass.

I have never seen a purple cow...and thank God for that!

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Posted Tue Oct 27th, 2009 2:16am Post subject: In The House - A thread for House Fans

This show drew me in from the very start and has kept me watching now going on six years. Why?

The Storylines.: Always compelling, they are a mix of medical drama & intrigue and personal examination of the shows’ main characters. We want to see what each weeks featured patient is suffering from, but also how this shows’ main characters deal with this, each other, and the personal demons that follow us all. In that same vein, let me say that the writing on House is excellent, first class and is a joy to see put on the small screen . The true test of a series is its “rewatchability”. Can you watch the same episode more than once and still enjoy seeing it? Thanks to the well written and well acted scripts, multiple viewings bring more nuances to light and show just how talented this ensemble cast truly is.

The Cast: Each member of this diverse cast is unique and brings something special to the characters they portray. From all of House’s original fellows, to Dr. Cuddy’s Dean of Medicine (Lisa Edelstein) , to Dr. James Wilson, (Robert Sean Leonard) House’s best friend and confidant, each add to the weekly drama and make us care about what happens with them. We tune in each week to see how they react to each other, and to House. This series is blessed with some of the best actors on television today, and it shows.

The Doctor: No, not Doctor Who…Dr. House! One of the most unique characters on television, he is an addiction that just keeps getting better. He is sarcastic, smart, opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind. Each season we see more into House’s complicated psyche and still are anxiously waiting for more insight into this fascinating character. Hugh Laurie brings such depth to House and has shown himself to be an incredible actor who makes us laugh, cry and care about Dr. Gregory House. He keeps us coming back week after week and makes each visit as pleasurable as the last. The doctor is most definitely in! And I’m in need of a clinic visit……

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