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Posted Tue Jul 31st, 2012 10:30am Post subject: Insomniatic musings of a restless mind..

Tuesday 31st, 1:56am:

In order to better please my social peers at both work(s) & recreationally.. I think it best if I were to focus more primarily upon my self-image, so as to rebuild my feeling of self-confidence (my tanks are running low), and thus in doing so, as a result, I'd present myself in a better light.

I find it ironic that, in my attempts to please others by providing a better person for them to interact with, I'll need to - for a time - stop focusing upon solely pleasing others, and rather focus upon myself and what makes me happy. This will be difficult, as up until this point, I've taught myself that making others happy is my main purpose in life. My pay out has always been that as I do unto others, the good deed would - hopefully - go full circle, and thus would eventually come back to me in some small way.

That said, it's time that I surround my immediate environment with the lifestyle that I think would be ideal for me, and my immediate flat-mates. Laura & the Girls have always been understanding and accommodating, and I'm certain will support me in this.

In the end... my bettering myself & my surroundings will improve my attitude, and in retrospect.. my bettered attitude will please those around me.

And, Bob's your uncle... we've come full circle.

Now, the reason I post this here is because I feel that I've heard similar feelings upon this matter spoken of before by our beloved leader - some clip a friend had posted. That said, I like to feel as though people of a like-mind tend to gravitate towards one another like flotsam at sea. So... any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

~ NomdePlume

Good Night, Good Luck & Good Riddance.

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