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Posted Fri Nov 13th, 2009 4:49am Post subject: Instalment 2 of my new creative piece


For those that read my first instalment here is the second! I'm hoping to improve the piece as I go and this is my latest part of the story. To those of you who do, thanks for taking the time to read it :).

I decided that I would post it on Frys Forum first to let you all see, it has also been posted on my blog. I've just put the first half of it on here if you want to read the full piece you'll have to head over to my blog which is listed at the bottom of the site. I am eager to hear feedback good and bad.


A Comprehensive Guide to Inhabiting Planets

Section A:

** Disclosure**
This is a genuine copy of Mr Noel Pooling's journal on inhabiting planets. Due to the author's untimely accent to the status of Dead, copyright could not be obtained. Subsequently this book contains authorised and unauthorised sexism, ageism, lifism (hatred of life), wit, ideas, beliefs and sarcasm which do not abide by 'The Rule of Man by Men' to which all beings; human and sub-satisfactory, are now bound.

"The Rule of Man by Men. 2032. (c.0-929), London: The Old Boys Fellowship."


My hatred started with my neighbours. I am not a nice man... and I am not a well man. I do not seek, yearn nor want to ever be a well or nice man. I am quite happy with myself and would thank others not to notice. This guide that I intend to complete in the coming months is an astounding edition to history, bordering on revolutionary, so brilliant is my work that society undoubtedly doesn't deserve it. I know this because I have seen my fair share of bad ideas; people nurture them like inadequate children that sponge like leaches and still are allowed to live. Bad ideas are like vomit, everybody would be better off if it just stayed in. It is infectious, just like hatred. Like hatred, it starts with the neighbours, every neighbour has an idea and every neighbour is hated...


William Goodspeed.

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