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Posted Tue Dec 1st, 2009 4:03pm Post subject: Invisble People

@hardlynormal and @invisiblepeople are twitter handles used by a guy who's doing something helpful for others using social media.

I read about his story this morning, and think it is this sort of project that gives real value to technical evolutions. It may be argued that most social networking tools are either used by salesmen or egoists, but knowing that there are people using these tools to *help others* is a relief. I tend to think the highest goal of science is to give back the results of research and discovery to the rest of the world. An increase in compassion and understanding of others and the world around us might be the most effective way forward from our often violent behaviors to each other.

This project also makes many people angry. Angry that our governments are so out of touch with the lives of every day people, that they direct funds in wrong headed ways. Seeing the homeless, and actually hearing their stories, is a proof of that. Men who drove businesses into millions of dollars in debt, and then were consequently cut massive checks for their failure, strikes just about any sane person as a horrible injustice when we see that so many fellow citizens are homeless, ( which by default makes one unemployable btw...ever see a job application that did NOT ask for a home address? ), hungry, jobless, and further exposed to various brutalities.

The link above will take you to a website where @hardlynormal has documented the stories of homeless people in their own words. They tell their stories themselves, which frequently shatters the often held bigotries of those of us who are NOT homeless that they are just shiftless, lazy people who probably deserved their fate. I think it's that sort of thinking which fails to destroy homelessness.

Right across from the White House is a park. In that park are dozens, if not more, of homeless people, homeless Americans ( with the recession, those numbers are growing ). Any president can look out the window and see them. I think a good question to put to those folks would be,"And how many presidents have passed through since you've been living in this park?".

Really? Wow.

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