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Posted Thu Jan 29th, 2009 9:02pm Post subject: Iowa and The Town of Fairfield
When I picked up the SF's book I really wanted to revisit through his eyes some of the places I had been back in the 60's. In my time in the US I visited some thirty States. I spent three years in the Mid West in the town of Fairfield where I attended "Funk Out U" I wanted to correct SF's view of Parsons College. SF must have talked to a good number of Fairfield's upstanding citizens who regularly attend one of Fairfield's seventeen churches and hated for the most part the fact that "Parsons" existed. I could not say that Town and Gown was a happy relationship! For a small college that attracted Andre Previn and the Chicago Symphony, a visit from Arnold Toynbee, Jesse Jackson and others its easy to see who SF's researchers were talking to in Fairfield Iowa. I shared a dorm with, amongst others, four US Marines who had served in Vietnam. Yes there were drugs, mostly off campus, yes there were second chance students who lacked maturity and were kicked out of East Coast educational establishments and yes there were those who hid from the "draft". A college with ideas about learning that did not go down so well with the "establishment" A college with a high percentage of black students (40%).But tell me Mr Fry what US college didn't have all of the above?? yours Rusty GPA 3.75 Deans List Honor Students etc etc etc.

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