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Posted Tue Jul 7th, 2009 7:46pm Post subject: Is Buzzirk Mobile Beserk?
Yes, it probably is.

And if you haven't heard of it, (Buzzirk Mobile/Zero 1 Mobile ), or, maybe worse, know someone who has and has been 'drawn into' their superilicious cell phone thing, then you might like to pass these on.

Here's if you've never heard of them:

Looks great huh?

Looking a little harder, we see their launch date is 'July 2009'. No more specific than that. Also, hmm...there's no phone # to the company, only some distributor. And, how's come there's on address for the company there? Also, and one would think this is fairly important, WHERE do you purchase this stuff? Oh...right...some 'distributor'...Well, that's not the point. The point is YOU can make SO much money from this ( exclamation points ) yourself AND get Unlimited Everything on a Super Phone Tooooooo(more exclamation points).

Anyway, here's a podcast from a gent who did his research and giving him some of your attention will probably 1) give you a good laugh 2) might stun you a little and 3) definitely help you measure this company and others out there who come along. I will warn you that because he's done his fact digging, the Podcast is a bit on the long side.

So those of you with disabled attention spans probably ought not to risk injuring yourselves any further X-D

and one of the speakers websites (a spoof ):

**EDIT: sorry, I seem to be missing some detail escaping my eyes...don't know why the link's aren't active but you can do a copy/paste into your address bar till then...i'll figure the issue out later...

Really? Wow.

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