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Posted Thu Aug 2nd, 2012 4:56pm Post subject: Jennings (BBC Radio Collection) (Audio Cassette)

Hello all
Does anyone here know why Stephen's recording of some of the Anthony Buckeridge Jennings tales was allowed to go 'out of print' (if you can say that about the spoken word)? They were so very funny and good, such a wonderfully happy listening experience, it's hard to understand why they're hard to track down today. My own children were lucky enough to have the two-tape set, which held 10 of the stories - and we remember listening to the tapes over and over again; Stephen did such a superb job, and transported us all with consummate ease to the wizard world of Lindbury Court prep school.
If Stephen could be persuaded to revisit the project, there are another 15 Jennings stories out there for him to transform with his magical dulcet tones. But even if the lovely man wasn't inclined to revisit the project, at least they could be remastered to CD format ... I'm absolutely convinced that masses of children even in today's tech world would feel likewise.
NB: I should probably own to the fact that my first husband was a Jennings, and so at the time were we all. But although it may explain our initial interest, my quest all these years later is born not of partiality, just very happy memories.

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