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Posted Sun Jun 15th, 2008 3:01am Post subject: Johnny Vegas on "QI": I'm not going to watch that
Yes there are good females in most sports - much like there are good male netballers etc

We have a couple of very good female jockeys. In fact I did a major assignment on women in sport when I was at university - looking at the disparity and the success of women in horse racing.

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Posted Wed Jul 9th, 2008 11:59am Post subject: Johnny Vegas on "QI": I'm not going to watch that
Are you the one. Go into a restauraunt and order bangers and mash, without the bangers, oh and by the way, not too much mash! Reeaaaally!

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Posted Sat Jul 12th, 2008 10:23am Post subject: Johnny Vegas on "QI": I'm not going to watch that
what always bugs me is the misconception of some men who imagine women are weak, well that's a easy solved mystery for them to understand, try carrying a baby for nine months, try coping with your rather old comments about how inferior we are, look at the statistics of the amount of gay women who turned their backs on you because of your unacceptable behaviour, and the strength of gay women to take your tired old egotisticle statements of how you can turn us strait again.

this female male war is old sad and quit frankly boring now, my personal belief is that these individuals who fight to stand above strong women should sit back and accept like I do we are not totally equal but both sexes have there own strengths that should be reversed not ridiculed.

physically we are as strong, mentally we are emotions are different due to hormones the ones we need to procreate the young and you need to help in that endeavour these are our few differences apart from our physical form, the battle of the sexes will continue, but might alleviate if things are accepted about each sex from either side and stop all this fist stomping neanderthal behavior from both sides.

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Posted Fri Aug 15th, 2008 6:24pm Post subject: Johnny Vegas on "QI": I'm not going to watch that
Yes I know this topic is nearly dead now, but I just had to say something as this really annoys me.
Before I start I'm a girl too, (I sometimes need to mention that as it's not always obvious from my posts, so I thought this was probably a topic where I'd better point it out).

I have seen Johnny Vegas live, and on television, and I personally take the view that it is not up to the rest of the world to take offense on someone else's behalf (I don't mean here, I mean at the gig itself, or on a Millie Tant website).
I'm not saying REAL abuse or assault isn't a very serious issue and shouldn't be taken seriously-obviously it should. But if the person involved in this situation does not take offense in any way (as has been mentioned everywhere except it would seem on that feminist website), then case closed.

Yes I understand that there are people out there who have been affected by this issue, either personally or through someone they know. But it isn't healthy for those in that position to start taking on a cause for all around them, even if they know there are people who find it hard to talk about it. The woman at this gig said that she didn't feel threatened by him at all, and that is where it should end. It doesn't necessarily mean she is in denial about it, or trying to block anything out. It could just mean that nothing happened...that IS a possibility.

Women can have a laugh as much as anyone else, and I'm pretty certain that after years on the circuit the people who go to see him know what to expect.
He was hilarious on the occasions I saw him, and I seriously doubt that the incident was as physical or intimate as people are making out (based on the shows I've seen, where he did nothing of the kind).
But as I wasn't there, I only have that article to go on, and I'm not about to listen to the misspelled web ramblings of a blogger who wasn't even there. (the website in question is not an official news source, just a living Viz comic in my opinion).

I'm not saying real journalists are any more trustworthy because they aren't, but we would do well to remember that because of his job and his openness about liking a drink, that he is an easy target for misinterpretation for other people's gain.
Johnny Vegas was training to join the priesthood before his move to comedy, and does still have some belief in his life on some level, (partly because he has always wondered about whether or not to bring his son up with a belief, something he even touched on in a programme he made looking into western religion).

Relevant or not? That's for you to decide, but it's safe to say he has a far more equal and healthy attitude to women then his detractors or his on stage character would have you believe (as it is indeed just a character, with some stories of his past woven into the act here and there, but not many).

If we as a society are bringing up young women right, then we should feel comfortable that we have taught them they have the right to say no, and should not feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell someone if they have been abused in any way. If we are worried, then perhaps we haven't done it right and we need to look at the way the issue is handled and taught.

And the rest of us need to know the difference.

(None of the above is in any way aimed at anyone here I should point out, as the people who visit Stephen's site all seem very intelligent and open to an unbiased debate, it's just that that's how I look at it, and it might not have come over in the way I intend it to).

And I agree with Human_Nature very strongly. Men and women are-and always will be-different. That is a strength on both sides, not a weakness, and there is nothing wrong with the differences that make us who we are.

"I love men to be men, and women women"- The Rolling Stones.

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Posted Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 2:28pm Post subject: Johnny Vegas on "QI": I'm not going to watch that
Have not thoroughly read all posts but I am aware of the incident at Johnny Vegas' show.

This to say on that: Johnny Vegas' style as a comedian is outrageous and shock-based. As Jimmy Carr says, "I can't see the line until I've crossed it"...often true in comedy...this does not at all negate/minimize the experience of the girl, but I do know that Johnny Vegas was mortified by the response, and has publicly stated that he did not intend harm...and I believe he is sincere about this.

Now the question of Johhny Vegas on QI: I knew it was a bad idea before I watched it and seeing the evidence has cemented that belief. It is important to "cast" the right show with the right guest, and Johnny Vegas is not the right guest...his comedy at its essence is very smart, but it is based on a "dumbing down" principle that makes it jarring to see in the QI context...

Just my two cents...

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