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Posted Fri Jun 19th, 2009 11:03am Post subject: Just A Coincidence?
Surely, coincidence cannot be just a coincidence!

Fry, Laurie, Atkinson, Curtis et al. meet & become amazing creative forces at a time of mass communication, & can communicate their individual & collective talents wondrously well!

Imponderables can be vexing, but surely it can be said that likes attract & opposites repel.

Dearest Mr Fry! how wonderful when close friends, quite independently of one another choose to wear the same clothes at the same time & meet! This amazing ability to be "in tune" has created some fantastic works. Just a coincidence?

Please take good care of yourself & take time to find the nurturer within. When propelled to such dizzy heights there may be a tendency to wobble on the proverbial tightrope. I would that I could send this to "mecolleague" as well.

Humbug! you are all more than national treasures.

I can't thank you & your friends enough!

What joy you folks bring.

Ann x

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