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Posted Sun Oct 7th, 2012 3:58pm Post subject: Just a Message to all you out there..

Hullo lovelies.. Remember me? Long time no see!

I just feel the need to say this to all the fluffettes out there..

Thank you.

I was going through a really horrid patch in my life, many things happened and I attempted to hide from the public for a while and attempt other things I really shouldn't have done. I continued to become more ill and things became worse and worse. None of my friends considered me in need of a little more attention - Rather, I was an attention seeker, a liar, to them. No one tried to contact me to see if I was ok. No one, but you lovely people. That honestly meant the world to me. I have never met a single one of you in person but you still looked out for me. I can not thank you guys enough for what you did for me. Even when I ran away from my twitter account, some of you were still there trying to contact me via email or anything else.
I honestly give you all my full respect and wish I could hug every single one of you. You helped me so much more than I can possibly describe.

Thank you. Just, thank you.

I am still not %100, in fact my mood seems to be dropping once more. But that's ok - I'm ok, I promise!

I consider a lot of you family to me with the amount of love you gave me. I only hope one day I can return the favor and wish to emphasis that I shall always be here for you all the same you were for me anytime x

I love you guys, you mean the world to me x

- Snick

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Wilde Woman


Posted Sat Dec 1st, 2012 5:39pm Post subject: Just a Message to all you out there..

Glad to hear you're still fighting!

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It's the one who haven't been assessed I'm scared of!

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